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  • Nwabueze Buchi George an International Trade and Business Executive

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    Profile: Nwabueze Buchi George an International Trade and Business Executive

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    Nwabueze, Buchi George, born August 27, 1974 to the family of Chief Nathan and Mrs.  Ann Nwaneri Nwabueze of Uruala in Ideato North Local Government of Imo State and he went on to become an entrepreneur who has carved a niche for himself as an International Trade and Business Executive.

    His early life started in his home town where he attended St. Paul Anglican Primary School Uruala in 1982, and in 1993, went on to attend Bishop Shanan College Orlu, Imo State.

    Buchi George as he is fondly known, is Christian, with his earliest religious orientation and baptism happening at St. Paul Anglican Church Uruala Ideato North Local Government of Imo State where for five years, he went on to become a Captain of the Boys Brigade. 

    His diligence and attention to details were of course cumulative traits from his parents: with his father, Chief Nathan  Nwaneri Nwabueze a successful business man who was dealing on timber and also owned an Palm Oil Mill as well as a transport company, Uruala Transport Services. Mrs.  Ann Nwaneri Nwabueze did not come short as an entrepreneur as she successfully ran a restaurant and a supermarket.

    This qualities and commitments learnt from his parents and the quest to also build his own empire saw Buchi George attain the level of an Assistance Senior Class Prefect and finally Chapel Prefect at Bishop Shanan College Orlu, Imo State.

    Buchi George’s quest to carve his name on the sand of time, boosted his hunger to be not just educated, but to apply his education into things that will make a difference in the society.

    After attending St. Paul Anglican Primary School Uruala and Bishop Shanan College Orlu, Imo State in 1982 and 1993 respectively, he proceeded to University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State where he studied Political Science in 1999. 

    In 2003, he started his second degree on Aviation Management at Massey College Auckland New Zealand and from the National Open University Abuja, he bagged Bachelors of Law between 2012 and 2017

    Who Buchi George is today has been defined by his decision in 1999 to start the FOW Company Limited which is now registered in Nigeria, Untied Stated of America, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea and  15 other. Beyond being registered in 20 countries, FOW Company Limited also has global network of representations in over 05 countries.

    Not sweeping his training as an Aviation Manger Massey College Auckland New Zealand, Buchi George in 2009 started Hats Aviation Limited in Owerri, Imo State. The company which is into aviation  management and logistics, served him some fond memories.

    He is also the CEO of ORGE Lounge and ORGE wine shop, while his FOW Company Limited today, has thrived in the areas of logistics, trade, finance and so far has other subsidiaries which carry out dozens of projects with within and beyond the shores of Nigeria.


    Subsidiaries of FOW Company Limited include

    This is a Properties and Real Estate Development Company. The company is responsible for the organization of projects like the Global Housing and Real Estate Summit and Expo; Nigeria Property Expo; World Trade Summit and Expo; Train Nigeria-Learn Nigeria Project, Nigeria-Asia Week and Trade Expo; Globe Chamber of Commerce Industry, Mines and Agriculture, Trade Nigeria Expo and many others. 

    Face Of The World Organization
    This is a multinational event and entertainment company with projects within and outside Nigeria. Some of their projects include: United Nations Fashion Week and Awards; Global Fashion Week and Awards; Common Wealth Fashion Week and Awards. 

    They are the organizers of international pageants like Miss Face of the World; Miss Nations; Miss Queen World; The Leading Men amongst others with their proceeds channeled to Charity And Human Capacity Development, especially as it concerns education for less privileged children. 

    With Endorsement from 90 nations, the first Edition of the United Nations Fashion Week and Awards (UNFW) took place in New York City, United States of America in 2015. The second Edition, took place in October, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, while in 2017, Dubai for the second time hosted the event which was the third Edition. Dublin in Republic of Ireland will host the 209 edition of the event. The event is packaged by Face of the World Organization in Collaboration with the FOW World and other United Nations Ambassadors from across the world with the air of Raising Funds as well as creating awareness for education, especially for less privileged children across the world.

    Buchi George also proposed the Commonwealth Fashion Week which took place in 2018 in London and is expected to take place again in 2020 during the Commonwealth Head of State Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, while Malaysia will host the next edition in 2022 during the same meeting. 

    One thing special about his projects in the fashion industry is that beyond the funding of education for less privileged children across the globe, the same projects create a skill development platform and market for upcoming models and designers to th rive.

    FOW which is an acronym from Face of the World kicked off in his University days at Akwa Ibom with a beauty pageant, Queen of the East. The pageant later metamorphosed into Miss Eastern Nigeria and later Miss Ebony World Nigeria and finally Face of the World which was first organized in 2007 in Lagos, Nigeria. The event then took place yearly in Owerri the capital city of Imo State, where it was package alongside Hats Aviation Fashion Week.

    In 2013, Face of the World was taken to South Africa. In 2014 and 2015 Buchi George took the event to United States of America, while in 206, it was hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    FOW Media Limited
    A multi-media company, developing and producing TV, radio and web contents for their platforms and others. This subsidiary of FOW Company Limited is in charge of the FOW 24 FM-Radio; FOW TV News Channel (FOW TELEVISION); Headliners Magazine; National Mail Newspaper, Real World-Real Estate Magazine, Mid-Week News and 

    Buchi George through this company has been a huge player in the media industry, with his contents and events shaping the face of both media and pageant sectors in Nigeria.

    With huge experience in staging international events, Buchi George in 2017 switched to International Trade Promotions with the Trade Nigeria, which he duly registered. 

    Nigeria Asia Week and Trade Expo came after in Seoul, South Korea and the huge success it saw motivated other projects. In 2018, Trade Nigeria joined Federation of International Trade Association and Nigeria High Commission Seoul Korea to organize the Nigeria Asia Joint Trade Mission – a business delegation of Nigerian industries, investments and commerce to Asia. This was done in association with international trade organizations, Asian based businesses as well the embassies of all the countries involved.

    In 2019, the Trade Nigeria in partnership with Biz Africa Singapore and nine other Asian countries packaged the Nigeria Asia Business Forum 2019 with over 3000 businesses, traders and investors expected to participate. The event will be crowned with the Nigeria at 59 National Day Awards Singapore in collaboration with Nigeria High Commission Singapore.

    Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George now sits as the Chairman of a Global Delegation on International Trade and Investment tasked with achieving international trade and investment partnerships and economic corporations for Nigeria. 

    To ensure that he gives back the society as much as he is getting from it, Buchi George stated Global Family Funds on Education, a Nongovernmental Organizing charged with raising fund and crating awareness for education for less privileged children across the globe.

    By providing for the Global Family Funds on Education, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George displayed his love for education for the less privileged Children throughout the world. This foundation uses proceeds from projects of other subsidiaries and with what this strategy has achieved, in 2012, he was presented with a United Nations Medal of Honour as Global Children Education Activist, a title that made him an Ambassador of United Nations.

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