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  • One on One with the Talented Rapper-comic Singer O9echi


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    It was a bright Tuesday afternoon as the last days of winter dissipated and the fall season rolls in. Something new was coming, the critically acclaimed Dallas based rapper, singer, songwriter and artist O9echi was set to hold a no holds barred interview. On the microphone his dexterity is next to none with his flawless flows and catchy phrases. Born Ogechi into a family of two boys in the mid-eighties, O9ECHI began his musical career at the age of eighteen, singing along to the songs of Trybesmen and Eminem in the early 2000s. Ogechi started from humble beginnings and suffered from criticism from his peers who thought he was wasting his time doing music, at that time the music industry was not thriving. As the waiter pours some dark liquor over some ice, O9echi opened up to us about the man behind the music. Enjoy excerpts from the interesting interview with the super talented act.
     How did music start for you?
    O9echi: Music started with short rap sessions with my younger brother, Apluz and while listening to Trybesmen (Nigerian Rap group) for the 1st time. Freestyle (a member of Trybesmen) was one of my favorites back then and I began writing my own songs while also listening to Eminem, 50cents, and Trybe records.

     How would you define your style of music?
    O9echi: VIBE - I just do an afro vibe with the music I make with vocal interplay between Deep and Light vocals. I call it 'Afro Vibe'.

     Who were your earliest musical influences?
    O9echi: Hmmn, quite a few as I listened to all a lot of music but there are three names that stand out for me as far as music is concerned. I can say I was heavily influenced by the likes of Trybe Records crew back then, Eminem as well as 50 Cents.

    How does the music making process works for you? 
    O9echi: Well for me, I would say it’s a natural order. Writing comes easy for me especially when I am listening to an instrumental either in the studio, in my car, actually anywhere. The inspiration can come from anywhere so that’s why I describe the process as a natural order.

    Tell us about your upcoming single …
    O9echi: I’m really excited about my upcoming project because people are going to see a totally different side of me. A musical part of me they are yet to witness. It’s something different. A different side of me. It would also feature a surprise A-list artist. Let me not let too much out yet, just watch this space, its coming soon.

     How was it like working with Slimcase and the rest?
    O9echi: It was awesome. I was excited when I spoke with him on the phone while he was recording. He told me he loved the song and that got me super pumped up too. I met Him in Nigeria, during the Video shoot of Maadness. It was a great vibe that day, Slimcase and his manager Dami Adenuga were super friendly to me and I wouldn’t mind working with them again.

     Which African or international artist would you like to work with in future?
    O9echi: Well the gap between African music and international music is closing up by the day and I will like to work international acts like Kendrick Lamar and Chris BrownOn the African scene I definitely think I can create one for the books with Wizkid or Davido.

     How did you derive the spelling of your name? 
    O9echi: O9echi was derived from my first name Ogechi. I intentionally flipped the 'G' to ‘9' just for uniqueness since the name is very popular/common in Nigeria. Also, '9' denotes a "Goal getter' just like in Soccer/Football and I believe I am one.

    Take us through your catalogue of released songs (brief talk about them)

    • Maadness (2018) ft Slimcase
    • SHINKPA (2019) ft Idowest, Chinko Ekun & Uncle Azeez
    • Wine N Bruk (2018) ft Carey James (Jamaica)
    • Start Dancing (2018) ft Gael Boom
    • Give me Jollof Rice (2017) ft Apluz
    • I love you (2017) ft Gael Boom

    What more should fans expect from you? 
    O9echi: They should expect more singles this year and more weekly freestyles every Monday (Maadness freestyle Show).

    What’s the strangest thing your fans can know about you? 
    O9echi: Do I really want to say this (laughter), well here it is, I’m an extreme introvert and Nerd. (More Laughter)

     What song is currently on replay on your playlist?
    O9echi: Fireboydml - Jealous

     Where do you see yourself musically in the next 5 years? 
    O9echi: Yo! I’ve got really big dreams and I see myself becoming a really big force on the African music scene. In the next five years I see myself bagging MTV and BET Awards nominations. 

    What are your other hobbies apart from music? 
    O9echi: Well, I love networking engineering as well as watching movies

     Message to your fans?
    O9echi: First and foremost, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has supported me and my music from day one. My message to my fans isNever give up on your dreams’. Keep the Goal in mind and work towards it; Dedicate your works to God and He will bless the works of your hands.

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