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  • Nigeria @59: Comr. Joseph Chinemerem Okafor to Nigeria


    Happy Independence to my country Nigeria!

    The state of the Nation is truly due for genuine change; a change that the student would decide to adhere to all rules and conducts governing the educational body. Where he or she has decided not to cheat in an examination, where he or she has decided not to miss classes, where he or she has decided not to pay machineries for assignments, where he or she has decided not to add extra fees to the original fee, etc

    A change where our traders will be diligent to the services they render and see it as a call of service to their nation; where they will come to the understanding that the purpose of their goods is more quality than the hunger for profit. A change when the traders would transparently do their business without profiteering and cheating the whole "nationhood"!

    A change where our medical practitioners and the entire health sector will really know the essence and value of one soul. A change where the lives of Nigerians is more important than "clinic profit", a change where the passion to save a life is more than the thirst to get comfort, a change where they are just there for every emergency, a change where nurses would stop sending Nigerians to their early cemetery; due to their harsh treatment and hostile character, a change where lives are been placed above money, a change where drugs are produced without harm, and without being higher than the cost of living.

    A change where the educational sector is revamped, where our curriculums are changed to fit into the labour market, where our graduates are equipped with necessary skills to live above the struggle for survival in any society, where our teachers are just there to guide and train us, where our teachers do not always use the rod; but sometimes love to correct, where our lecturers are not too hot tempered, ill-mannered and abusive on every child that comes their way, where everyone is admitted to our universities on merits, not 'mere tricks', where they mark their scripts and never source for 'students sips'

    A change where our politicians will stay true to their words and stop making the world better  in manifesto seconds ; but take conscious steps and actions towards changing the status quo.

    Truly, we need change. Every sector has been eaten up by little foxes. And the entire vine is corrupt. Nigeria needs a change that must start from your corridor before we talk about the public center stage.
    The time has come and the time is now!

     God bless my nation! 
     Her time for change has come!
    Happy Independence Nigeria!
    Happy Independence Anniversary Zikites!

    Comr. Joseph Chinemerem Okafor

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