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  • Nigeria @59: Advocate Chidera Iguh to Nigeria

  • Nigeria @59: Advocate Chidera Iguh to Nigeria

    After the night, comes the morning!
    After the weeping, comes the laughter!
    After the sadness, comes the joy!
    After the failures, comes the success!
    After the shame, the Glory will show!

    Have you given up on Nigeria? I have news for you .
    The light will still shine
    Watch out for the next millennial of this Nation!

    But why are our own future women failing?
    Failing at every bucket of ice cream
    Never wanting to dare their nice dreams.
    Why is the zeal of the Nigerian girl waxing cold?
    The Nigerian girl is a jewel that the nation needs to start wearing to bring out her full beauty
    The Nigerian girl is an untapped potential, she is the dream of a better Nigeria.
    She is our future Iweala, she is our next Ezekweseli; She is the Akunyili to emerge!
    Ohh! The Nigerian girl is an epitome of beauty plus brain. She is a symbol of progress and excellence. In her, you find treasuries that are yet to be polished!
    That Nigerian girl, needs our love. She needs our support.
    She needs to be educated, she need not marginalized. She need to be accepted by the society as a blessing!
    She need not be for the Kitchen alone; her mental resources can sustain the nation from getting into a debris! Ask Germany? Or maybe UK may explain better! Croatia is there for you to confirm too! 
    Women are also champions in the course of nation building
    The Nigerian girl; the time for your rising has come. Be focused, be optimistic, be involved, be informed; you are not for the kitchen alone! You too, can build this nation!
    Rise and take a stand!

    I remain Chidera Iguh
    I believe in the brightness of our youths, women, men and children
    Happy Independence to my Nation of birth

     God bless Nigeria!
     God bless our girls!

    Advocate Chidera Iguh
    Founder, Voice of A Nigerian Girl, VONG.

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