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  • Dino Melaye is an unfortunate development and a manifestation of the deficiency in our system- Senator Smart Adeyemi
  • Dino Melaye is an unfortunate development and a manifestation of the deficiency in our system- Senator Smart Adeyemi
    Smart Adeyemi, the winner of the Kogi West Senatorial district rerun election, has described Dino Melaye as an ''Unfortunate development'' whose attributes in the 8th senate projected the deficiency in the Nigerian system.

    Adeyemi who defeated Melaye in the Saturday November 30th rerun election, said Dino should never have been a senator of the Federal republic in the first place. Speaking on Channels TV last night, Adeyemi described Dino as a vagabon and a tout.

    ''Dino Melaye is a pathological liar. I have been mandated by my people to apologise to Nigerians, more importantly the following people, President Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbao, Kogi state governor Yahaya Bello, APC National Chairman, General Olusegun Obasanjo, the Sultan of Sokoto, the families of MKO Abiola, notable Nigerians, the Armed Forces, the Police, the security service whom at one point or the other Dino insulted and tried to destroy these esteemed institutions and personalities, state men of our Nation.

    You know when a town or a society is at peace, it is because the vagabonds there have not grown up. It is because the bastards there have not grown up because when they are up, they start challenging institutions and of course, you can see what Dino is doing.

    Dino is not a good representation of the people of Kogi West and I am sure no Nigerian would want to have someone like Dino as his Senator. May Nigeria never have the kind of Dino as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Dino is an unfortunate development. He is a manifestation of the deficiency in our system. Dino has no tract record. He has never worked anywhere before. He was on the streets. It is unfortuante that people like Dino can become Senators in Nigeria. May Nigerians never have the likes of Dino in the upper chamber.
    Who should be a Senator? A man with a track record of service, a man who is highly educated, who is exposed, who is coming to the Senate to share his experience, his education, his exposure, in order to move his nation  to the next level. Not a rascal, not someone who would be insulting state men.
    Dino did not since he was in the senate rather than buying cars and showing it to the Nigerian people. encouraging the youths as if rascality and idleness should be a source of livelihood. Dino is a bad example for the coming generation'' he said

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