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  • 'Adeboye, Kumuyi, Oyedepo Will Soon Die & Not Make Heaven' - Apostle's 2020 Prophecy
  • In a shocking new prophesy, an Apostle of the Christ Apostolic Miracle Ministry, Paul Okikijesu has revealed that God told him that renowned men of God like,Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor W.F Kumuyi of Deeper Life Bible Church and Bishop Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church, will soon die.

    Okikijesu, also said that God told him the trio mentioned will not have a place in heaven when they die.

    2020 Prophecy by Apostle Paul Okikijesu

    Upcoming judgment on pastors/priests:

    Thus says the Lord: All those who are using the familiar spirit power to perform their ministerial works under the sky will be punished, whoever such person can be, My judgment will come upon him/her. I am against hypocrisy, but I am very concern that the second coming of I the Lord, will I meet Christianity faith?

    The deceit of the satanic kingdoms:
    Thus says the Lord: Son of man, the children of the marine kingdom have risen and they are the ones that have melodious songs. They have even established Bible schools/instructions, where they are teaching people various doctrines. Son of man, the children of marine kingdom are well established. They have collected the callings from those who own it, and they are currently deceiving the world.

    Thus says the Lord: The children of the kingdom of granite formations are rising too. They have change to look like humans and they are penetrating the churches. They are influencing the lives of children and they are impacting the lives of the Christians. Son of man, be prepared so that you will not fall. Behold, the children of the marine kingdom, how innumerable and entrenched they are. They knew the law, the doctrine and the spirit, but they are ready to collect the gifts of Holy Spirit from people.

    The satanic churches and corrupt pastors:
    Thus says the Lord: My servant, Satan has determined to torment the world during this period, so pray fervently. The church of luminatics, the church of Satan and the various satanic churches that has been established are using money and riches/wealth to lure people to join them. They are capitalizing on peoples’ problems to entice them to join these churches. Behold, various things are happening, when it gets to a certain time, the word of God will be read like history in the churches. Then people will only concentrate on stories and they will not witness the inspiration/power of God anymore. Secondly, consumption of alcoholic drinks will not be seen as a big deal, inasmuch as the ministers of God are drinking alcoholic drinks as they like.

    Thus says the Lord: Many of the pastors are smoking marijuana/Indian hemp/weed. Countless of the pastors are taking cocaine, even some of those pastors that are highly honored in the society that people refer to them as Daddy are consuming alcoholic drinks. What these so-called pastors are doing in secret is very bad. But the novices are using their names to pray. Son of man, they will be punished in 2020. I the Lord will not handle this issue with levity anymore; It is the cry of prayer that made the judgment to stand.

    Satan is utilizing the children:
    Thus says the Lord: Satan is using the little children, but people are thinking that it is I the Lord who sent them on the errand. Satan is using the ladies and he is using them to perform magic in order to deceive people. Do you see that at the end time, various events will be happening? Some people will gather together who are lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, antichrist and lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.

    Fashion, vehicles and technology of 2020:
    Thus says the Lord: Some of man, there are some garments that are very revealing that are being produced and they are already at the stores. There are some vehicles that are being manufactured and there is a technology that is very powerful that are being produced from the marine kingdom. It has been perfected and they will make announcement concerning this technology that has never happen before. It will be announced between next week and first week in January 2020. What is the task of this technology? It is very fast like eagle. Three countries are currently working on this technology, and they are the following: America is the first country, the second nation is China and the third country is South Korea.

    Countries that needs to change:
    Thus says the Lord: I will touch the countries that refused to turn to Me. I will pass through the source of these nations, and My judgment will come. Son of man, I am waiting for the positive change of these nations; apart from other countries of the world, because the sins of these countries are too much. Sins are entrenched on daily basis in these nations and iniquity is changing the faces of the people in these countries; thereby causing tears in their lives. The eye of I the Lord is very bitter towards them, and I am waiting for their change, because of time. The first country that I need her positive change, and the repentance of the ruling class of this nation, including her citizens is Cuba. I shout for the positive change of the populace of these countries and for them to believe that the coming of I the Christ is at hand. The first country is Cuba, America, Thailand, Germany, France, Brazil, China, Yugoslavia; Pakistan, Hong Kong, Italy, Argentina, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Angola, Nigeria, Benin Republic, Libya, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

    Thus says the Lord: Important warning for positive change for these nations to turn to Me quickly. I want ‘a change of heart’ from the populace of these countries, to turn to I the Lord, because bloodshed is rampant in these countries, and it is displeasing to I the Lord. I always want transformation in nations.

    Bloodshed in Turkey, Cameroon and Ivory Coast:

    Thus says the Lord: Pray fervently against bloodshed in the following three countries, so as to prevent the death of the beloved, because I do not want the death of My beloved during this time: Turkey, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. Pray fervently concerning these three nations because Satan will not be handling the issues of these nations with levity in 2020.

    Thus says the Lord: It is the issue of election that will lead to bloodshed in Ivory Coast, while religious issues will lead to bloodshed in Turkey, and economic issues will cause bloodshed in Cameroon. All these issues will cause confusion and misunderstanding in these countries which will lead to tribal conflict/war which will result in bloodshed.

    Messages concerning NigeriaThree events that will happen in 2020:Terrorist attacks:
    Terrorist attack will be rampant in 2020. Some people will arise and start to waste people’s lives; write down this moment. Wastages of lives will be very much in the upcoming year than year 2019. This war of terrorism will be waged mostly against the Christians (those who bear the witness of Jesus till death).

    Thus says the Lord: I do not want anyone to ruin Nigeria, but they want Nigeria to be fragmented. Behold, if you are not prepared the hosts of hell, the illegitimate children will be coming into the country starting from January till March 2020. These terrorists are not citizens of Nigeria, but they will be entrenched in this nation. These terrorists will be prepared for anytime whenever there is trouble and they are all Muslims. Nigeria must sleep and think deeply, because whatever that is commonized, may have dire consequences.

    Thus says the Lord: My servant, you must pray fervently in this country (Nigeria) because the effects of these terrorist activities will be widespread. The Nigerians abroad will be fearful to come home. Why? Because of the news of the events that are occurring in Nigeria. Then Nigeria will now be like one of the nations that people hated in 2020. Nigeria will be viewed as one of the nations that their economy has regressed, with high level of corruption and sins. Nigeria will be counted among these nations and not only that, she will occupy a prime position among these nations. But if you pray, I the Lord God Almighty will reduce the problems and the spiritual storms. Then I will elevate the economy of Nigeria because many of those who are holding the wealth of the nation will be punished and there will be judgment concerning their souls. Write down this period because great event will occur as I have informed you in the past.

    Judgment on the disobedient:
    Thus says the Lord: The death of the brave people of the nation, those that have govern/rule this country in the past. Some of the citizens of the nations loved them, while others hated them, and several citizens have cursed them. These are the brave people that are well respected in the society. These people can be divided into four parts. Behold, any of the people in position of authority in the nation who refuse to change in 2020—to change from bloodshed and the nauseous way, and the cunning way, and the hypocrisy way. The hand of My judgment will come upon such and his/her family.

    Thus says the Lord: Behold, those that are called pastors, who are gluttons and corrupt, those who are not pursing the glory of the kingdom anymore, instead, they are pursing their aspirations. Son of man, My hand of judgment will come upon all of them in 2020. You will hear about the bitter judgment concerning them. They will not be in position of existence anymore, says the Lord of hosts.

    Thus says the Lord: Behold, the third part of the people that you will hear bitter judgment concerning them are: Those who selected themselves as a committee that are spreading around, by shedding the innocent blood under the guise of an association name, while they are deceiving the populace. Bitter judgment will come upon them. Behold, I will expose them and reveal their secrets in 2020. Behold, My servant, will it not marvel you that some of the ex-presidents, ex-governors, ex-ministers and ex-political party leaders; it is time of punishment for the sins of some of them in 2020 because I will pass through their lives and they will receive bitter judgment which will make their souls not to survive year 2020.The time has come for them to be punished because they are inverting the nation every time, and they do not want peace to reign. I do not absolve anyone, but whoever that is troubling the nation, whether it is a youngster or an elderly person or a male or whatever the person might by, the bitter judgment of I the Lord is coming on such people; so write this period down. Including those who are calling themselves pastors/priests/Christians, whereas, they are the problem of Nigeria. All of them will witness the hand of judgment, unless they repent and change. Inasmuch as I the Lord do not want the death of sinners, but for them to repent.

    Thus says the Lord: The forth part are those who called themselves Christians/pastors/workers in the churches, whereas they are the people that are contriving the oppression of the churches and the entire country. They are the ones using craftiness to afflict/oppress the nation.

    Thus says the Lord: This revolution will be in three parts. The first part is about the churches that are satanic churches that are calling themselves business entities. Those who turned ministerial work to trading or business venture. The bitter judgment from I the Lord will pass through such churches, and I the Lord will not look at those churches with a merciful eye, because I have waited long enough for them to change.

    Thus says the Lord: The second part is the idolatry which was exalted more than I the Lord. They will have a day in a calendar year for idolatry; whereby the traditional religious people will be celebrating traditional religions. Behold all these things are abomination to Me. All these things are inverting the nation and all those who are planning this activity, who are seeking the downfall of the nation and thereby disrespecting I the Lord; the bitter judgment will come upon them, so write this period down.

    Thus says the Lord: Behold, the Islamic religion, there are some hosts of hell, who are ruining this religion and they do not honor I the Lord. Instead, they are using this religion as a cover-up to torment the world and waste humans lives/blood, and deceive people to desert Christianity, and turn the spiritual face of Christianity down. These people are less concern about human lives, but they are using religion as a cover-up. My servant, bitter judgment is coming upon them. That was the reason that I said revolution is at hand.

    Thus says the Lord: Son of man, the prayer of the beloved is coming into My presence every time. There is no time that the beloved cry out that I do not hear. There is no time that their prayer or cry will not come into My presence, and I always hear, but I have appointed some people as Lord in this world to direct them. However, they refused to change; they refused to tell the truth, they refused to distance themselves from sinners or tell the sinners to change from their nauseous ways.

    The four keys that Satan will use in 2020:

    I really pity that Satan is determined to use these four keys to deceive the world: The first key is: The morsel, the second key is wealth/riches. The third key is covetousness. The fourth key is discontentment. The covetousness is about the lusts of the flesh. Satan will use these four keys against the Christians; Satan will use it on this Nation (Nigeria) and He will use it everywhere throughout the world. Do you know that rich people are not always content with the money that they have? People are stacking riches/wealth but they do not know who will spend/enjoy it. The riches/wealth amassed by Reinhard Bonnke, is he the one who will spend/enjoy it? I used Reinhard Bonnke’s case as a lecture for people to change; but during this period, it is the brave people that I will bring bitter judgment upon. Where Reinhard Bonnke has gone, they too will go there, but their own cases will be disgraceful compared with that of Bonnke.

    Pastor Reinhard Bonnke:

    Thus says the Lord: My servant did you delivered My messages to Pope, Adeboye, Benny Hinn, and Reinhard Bonnke before he passed away? Son of Spirit, there is judgment presently before Reinhard Bonnke. I will talk about his issue later, if he is in My presence or not.

    Pastors Adeboye, Kumuyi and Oyedepo:

    Thus says the Lord: My servant, will you not be surprise that I go into Redeemed Church and I observe the sheep that I can select; that is the reason that I said My message for Adeboye is coming, because I have informed him that whatever he likes, he can achieve, but he will not be admitted into My glorious Home. He himself knew and he wants to start doing rectification process now. Even if he rectifies his ways, those who are dead due to his deceit and hypocrisy, can he revive them? How many rectification steps did Reinhard Bonnke took before he died? My servant, I will send messages to this man when I come back, because I have told him to start putting his house in order, the day of his sleep is near. Adeboye and Kumuyi and Oyedepo, I have told them to put their homes in order and be prepared to sleep. Write these messages down because My judgment will be powerful in this upcoming Year 2020.

    Thus says the Lord: I will send messages to these people to make amendments maybe they are going to organize a big revival/crusade or big lecture. It must be a convention of ‘Departing from sinful ways and turning to God.’ I believe that your body/frame is a sinful frame, but the sin of bloodshed and worshipping other gods are abominations to I the Lord.

    Thus says the Lord: As distinguished and famous as they are, will you not be surprise that they will not be admitted into My Home, if they refuse/failed to change?

    Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye and others:
    Thus says the Lord: Son of man, I really pity because what humans will eat has beclouded their sense of reasoning. I have talked to Adeboye just a little while in the past and I allowed his conscience to pronounce him guilty and unworthy to inherit My kingdom. I even woke him up from sleep and said “Hear Me Enoch Adejare, why is it that you cannot control and tell the truth to the people who are paying their tithes to you, and those who gave you the permission to sell oil? My servant, do you know that these people are traders? These people are traders, someone that was given the grace to lift/sell oil and have other companies that he used his personal name to establish, if the country is in chaos, will he speaks the truth? That was how the lives of these people are.

    Many pastors have covenant with Satan:
    Many of the so-called pastors that people are honoring are bowing down for idols. Some of them are wining and dining with the dead, while several of them are eating trash at the dumpsite. Some are eating the fetus; while several of them are using the blood of pregnant women to appease their spirit/creation every year. Some of them are using the blood of new born babies for restoration, while many have used humans as pillars of their churches in order to boost their ministerial work, and they are shedding people’s blood in various ways.

    Evil spirits are worshipping in the churches:
    Thus says the Lord: Son of man let me tell you a truth today about many of the churches that have multitude of worshippers. It is not only the living souls that are attending their services, the demons who live on the land are attending church services; even the demons of the marine kingdom are also attending church services. Those churches that have covenant with the marine kingdom will see the demons/children of the marine kingdom attending their church services. Those churches that have covenant with the kingdom of the forest/wilderness will see the demons from this kingdom attending their services. Those churches that have covenant with the kingdom of granite formation will have demons/children of this kingdom attending their services. Those who have covenant with the spirit of their ancestors, will see these spirits attending their services and those who have covenant with the death shall see the dead in their congregations.

    Thus says the Lord: Son of man, will it not marvel you that people are seeking Me through abominable things? What is the reason? Many of these pastors will go to the garbage site to consume inappropriate things; still they will come to the altar. Several of them are doing abominable things to get spiritual fortification and some of them are drinking blood of humans, including that of the children as a form of restoration of power. Some of them are using bread to consume human feces and various strange things are happening because they are seeking power.

    Thus says the Lord: My servant, I am concern and I really pity, because many of them do not hate bloodshed, instead, they love it, to the extent that they are sending hired assassins to go and kill other people. Son of man, it is a pity.

    I am the Lord, I do not change, I created the heights and the land, all the power belongs to Me. Peace unto you.

    Numbers 23: 19
    “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent.
    Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

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