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  • Herdsmen May Form Own Security Outfit Soon – Bodejo, Miyetti Allah Boss
  • National President of Miyetti Allah Kautel Hore socio-cultural organisation, Abdullahi Bodejo, has said that the arrest of some Fulani leaders over the recent crisis in Plateau State where about 20 persons were killed, was discriminatory. Bodejo told VINCENT KALU, in an interview that if the Nigerian authorities don’t stop the operations of Amotekun and Shege ka fasa, his group would come up with its own security outfit to protect its members. “If we are pushed to set up our own security outfit, nobody can control it because nobody knows how many Fulani are in Nigeria; we are more than every tribe in this country, we are in every corner”, he warned.

    The Plateau governor, Simon Lalong has called for the arrest of Fulani leaders in the state following the killing of more than 20 people in the state by herdsmen. How do you react to this?

    The governors are the chief security officers of their respective states; any one that calls for the arrest of anybody may have a reason for that. I read in the newspapers that Governor Lalong has called for the arrest of Fulani community leaders in the state, and not Miyetti Allah leaders.
    I call for the arrest of the troublemakers in the state. The arrest shouldn’t be one sided. It was not fair to have arrested only the Fulani leaders over the crisis; the other people were spared. I don’t think these people they arrested are killers, let the police do a proper investigation. See how the Fulani are being treated, you hear the Amotekun promoters calling for the arrest of Miyetti Allah leaders, the same rubbish Ortom was using during his electioneering campaigns.

    We can defend the Fulani if you want to rubbish our ethnic group, which is why we are leading this Miyetti Allah socio cultural association, we won’t allow anybody to just damage Fulani name. If a Fulani man commits crime, we support he should be tried and if found guilty, he should be jailed, but not when you arrest innocent people and you try to give them a bad name, we will rise to their defence.

    You can’t stop the police from arresting people, but these Fulani leaders they arrested were called for a meeting and you arrested them, but the other side was left out. The arrest was an injustice and discriminatory, and it is totally wrong. They came for a peace meeting because they believe in peace only for them to be arrested. It is totally wrong. The implication is that if there is a crisis in future and you call them for a meeting, they will not come.

    The police have been managing the crises, but this time around, for them to call the leaders for a peace meeting and it turned out to be another thing; they will shun it next time, and when you ask them they will tell you that all the Fulani are in the forest. I plead with the governor to carry everybody along.

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