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  • Secondary school student dies after allegedly being beaten by classmates in Rivers State
  • Secondary school student dies after allegedly being beaten by classmates in Rivers State
    A Nigerian lady has called out the management of Kings College of Commerce (KCC) Secondary School in Buguma, Rivers State after her nephew died after allegedly being beaten by his classmates.

    According to Misspdd Wokoma, the incident occurred on Friday March 13 and the boy's parents were not contacted by Principal or the teachers.

    She further alleged that after her nephew was confirmed dead, the Principal and his son who was involved in the assault case, fled the community.

    She wrote;

    “Death with so much guts and audacity, invaded our home and snatched our bright shinning star away. He was not sick, but died to the wickedness if humanity. On Friday last week, his classmates without any squabbles, ganged up and beat him to unconciousness.  Bouncing on his chest and stomach.
    Amongst the culprits was the son of the serving principal of Kings College of Commerce (KCC) secondary school, Buguma City of Asari Toru local government of Rivers State.
    Seeing the condition of the innocent boy dying of excruciating pains, one of the teachers of the aforementioned school, carried the boy to the principal's. The only statement the animal (principal) could utter to his son was "You'll always be mentioned in form of atrocities" without hearing from both parties. The principal ordered that the boy be taken home, saying "this boy is dying here oh! come and carry him home before he dies in my office! If he wants to die he should go home and die at his house not in his office".
    He didn't reach out to the parents not even a single teacher from that school. Since Friday till today he gave up, we've been struggling with his health, struggling with his pain and all of it. Till....our boy gave up the ghost this morning. The principal and his son has taken to their heels. God of vengeance....I believe you are not dead.
    Our boy has gone just like that...chai this world is wicked darling in the bossom of the Lord till we meet again. I love you and will continue to love you

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