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  • Kairos Events & Entertainment wishes to announce the first ever
    Agritainment Face of Agric Nigeria (FOAN) Reality Show in Nigeria.

    It is a concept aimed at changing the narrative of youths in their
    lackluster attitude towards agriculture.

    The Face of Agric Reality TV Show 2020 is an Agritainment Show that
    seeks to discover, showcase,  harness and empower the youth in the
    practice and business of Agriculture.

    Face Of Agric Nigeria (FOAN) is an agritainment project and the first
    of its kind. It is a strategic project to be used as a tool to attract
    the Nigerian youths into agriculture putting in view the youths
    interest in entertainment related projects. The event targets the
    Nigerian youths resident in the urban centers.

    Face Of Agric Nigeria (FOAN) 2020  targets the Nigerian youths aged
    18-32. A total of 48 contestants are selected from the six
    geo-political zones in Nigeria.

     These 48 contestants would be housed in a boot camp for 90 days.
    Participants would be put through the technological know-how in
    various agricultural practices from ground to the final consumer and
    hopefully they will become proficient.

     This will proselytize business and economic opportunities, both local
    and international. It will encourage community development and
    cultural exchange amongst the participants. Another  objective of the
    project FOAN is to support the government in achieving exceptional
    milestone in agriculture which would have profound effect on the
    growth of the economy.

    The agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors in the
    economy of any Nation, it should provoke a tangible economic

     So many years ago Agriculture was one of the primary drivers of the
    economy of this nation, the discovery of oil in the mid-fifties
    gradually pushed agriculture to the back burner, attention was shifted
    to crude oil as our number one source of revenue.

     Mono economy would not suffice in a country with a teeming population
    as Nigeria, it is therefore pertinent to shift from a single income
    source to multiple income sources. This is achievable by economic

     One of the central points of action in this economic diversification
    is to completely resuscitate the Agricultural sector, which in turn
    will address the issue of food insecurity and to a large extent
    address the issue of unemployment. This is the trajectory of the FOAN

    The entertainment industry is thriving in Nigeria, it has taken
    thousands of youths away from the streets.

    As the organizers of the Face Of Agric Nigeria project,  we are going
    to employ entertainment as a platform to attract optimal number of the
    Nigerian youths in the urban centers to engage in agricultural

    The average Nigerian youths living in the urban areas believe that
    agricultural practices are meant for the rural dwellers, even those
    who studied agriculture related courses in the higher institutions do
    not want to practice. FOAN is designed to change this mindset.

      It is not news that it has become increasingly difficult to feed the
    teeming population; therefore, it is imperative that we develop our
    agricultural sector, a feat that will be futile until the most potent
    human capital "The Youth" is actively involved.

     As the world battles the COVID-19 virus, it is only a matter of time
    before we realize that we have entered a new Era and an
    Agro-revolution will be required to stem the tides.

    For further enquires and correspondence please visit

     FOAN 2020 Grow Natural... Live Natural…


    Mrs Ibinabo Dixon... Corporate Affairs Director

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