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  • Music: Worship Kulture - Farahan |@worshipKulture7

  • Once in a while, you’ll discover artists that know how to refresh a genre in a cool way. One of the
    greatest examples in contemporary Christian music was the major influence of Nigerian singer
    Sinach. With her hit song ‘Way Maker’ she sky-rocketed African gospel to a mainstream audience.
    This surely paved the way for refreshing artists like ‘Worship Kulture’ to introduce us all with cool
    and happy Afro-pop sounds in gospel music. Will their new self-titled EP make major waves in
    mainstream gospel music as well?

    Worship Kulture is an interesting initiative of Christian minister and music producer FSC Sanni to
    share contemporary African gospel music with the world. Based in Johannesburg, this group consists
    of artists and producers from all over Africa from countries like South Africa, Congo, Nigeria,
    Zimbabwe, and Angola. The group produces, with much success and a global audience with fans and
    listeners from all over the world, upbeat and inspiring gospel music that incorporates upbeat Afro-
    pop vibes in a refreshing way. This is all present in their newest self-titled EP ‘Worship Kulture.’

    The EP strongly starts off with the song ‘Farahan’. A song that truly honors the meaning of its title,
    which means happiness. You are immediately brought into an atmosphere of victory while hearing
    the awesome elements of a mid-tempo Afro-pop beat. It successfully sets the right expectations for
    the characteristics of the entire EP, simply a high-quality African gospel EP for a global audience.

    Listen on soundcloud,,

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