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  • Prophet Emmanuel Omale Prophecies Greatness For Nigerians Globally

  • It is true, what the good book says, in Amos 3 versus 7 that, “For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.”

    Founder of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry, Abuja, Dr. Emmanuel Omale, continues to validate this chapter of the scripture, with his prophetic gifting, and miracles that follow.

    The cleric who is renowned for series of national prophecies and their fulfilment, has once again, made prophetic declarations about Nigerians around the world being recognized and celebrated globally.
    He made this ‘prophetic’ declaration recently, during the last Abuja night of Praise and Miracle.

    “The Lord told me, any moment from now, you’d start to see Nigerian names in places you think Nigerian names can not be there.

    “Nigeria will start seeing Nigerians winning awards, I see Americans coming to Nigeria to look for solutions…,” he said in bits.

    It might interest you to note, that just two days after Prophet Emmanuel Omale gave made his prophetic declaration, there was a miraculous confirmation of the prophecy.

    A Nigerian medical practitioner named Dr. Olaoluwa Adejayan was appointed as Head, Covid-19 Task Force in Sierra Leone.

    This is precursory to Prophet Emmanuel Omale ‘s prophecy who said Nigerians would begin to get special recognition around the world.

    Watch video of the prophecy:

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