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  • DEM GO HEAR WORD, The Comedian & Social Influencer
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    Ekpe Peter Unuajohwofia better known as DEMGOHEARWORD is a social media influencer who is putting a different but unique spin on the use of Warri English also known as Waffi.

    Born to Palmer and Justine Unajohwofia in Ethiope East Okpara Delta State Nigeria, Peter is the thirteenth child of sixteen children. He firmly believes that being born into a large family helped him build the courage and ability to speak up and be heard especially when surrounded by older, louder and more prominent voices. 

    He attended Petiwas Nursery in 1997 and Primary School, PTI Effurun Delta state where he gained his is First School Leaving Certificate in 2004, after that he headed to Our Lady of Mercy Secondary School Oreokpe from 2005 to 2010 but he ended up transferring to First Baptist Secondary school from 2010 to 2011, where he graduated.

    After graduating from secondary school in a bid to further learn about handling sensitive topics especially in regards to politics before diving head first into university, he got his pre degree from Delta State University in 2012 after that he went on to study Political science at Houdegbe North America University Benin Republic from 2012 to 2015. In 2017 he worked as Head of Administration at Integrity Engineering and Contracting Company (IECC) in Oman. 

    DEM GO HEAR WORD has often said that although he does not really see himself as a comedian, his influences though vast are mostly limited to Africans but large portions of it are Nigerians. “When you talk about stand up comedy and satire, there are certain levels of Kingsmen you must pay homage too, the forefathers of laugh matters in Nigeria will always be legendary”.

    These include people like Ali Baba, I Go Dye, Bovi, Ay, Ushbaby and Basketmouth to mention a few. He said Ali Baba who many see as the Godfather of comedy and basket mouth changed his view on delivery, how they speak honestly and unhinged and still deliver in a way that will make you laugh and also get the message in the joke. He said I Go Dye in terms of the struggling act who took on the stage and dominated it from making a mockery of what he views in front of him, Bovi, Hushbaby and Ay who turned wide eyed views of Nigerian comedy into internationally recognised skits.

    Those are the guys that have laid the foundation for all  Nigerian comedians. He also cites Trevor Noah of South Africa as a heavy influence and mentor, for discussing socio-political, pop culture and current news through satire while following his urge to succeed as an international act. The Warri born is a host of his own show “DEMGOHEARWORD” which will target local views on an international platform with the sophistication of an educated man, but the quirky yet unconventional approach of a street thug. In reconciling with what motivated him to start being a voice for the silent and most often the downtrodden Peter’s background, his experiences growing up in Warri, and his observations about the virtues and mindset of societal ills are all leading themes in his speaking
    Having always been an outspoken person, DEM GO HEAR WORD has been described by critics as loud, outlandish and opinionated, but this has not deterred him from speaking his truth even when misunderstood. A fierce lover or non violent conflict resolution, He is known for being apologetic when it matters and being verbally cut throat when his critics or counterparts do not make sense and attack him without reason.

    Many hope to see him expand his reach in being the voice of the voiceless and to this end, He says he has plans to keep putting in the work needed to improve and be the best he can be no matter the obstacles or challenges thrown his way.

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