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  • TRAGIC!!! Newly married soldier shot dead by colleague in Borno state
  • A newly married military officer of the Nigerian army was allegedly shot dead by his colleague in Borno state following a misunderstanding.

    According to multiple online reports, Lieutenant Babakaka Shehu Ngorgi of the 202 Battalion, who got married in December 2019, was talking to his wife Hauwa Alhaji Kolomi when one of his colleagues shot him from the back six times in Bama, Borno.

    After shooting him, the attacker was reportedly heard screaming, “I have achieved my aim.”

    It is not yet clear why the soldier killed Lt Ngorgi, who is his senior in the army and on the battlefield.

    Friends have gone on various social media platforms to mourn Ngorgi.

    Sharing a picture of the late soldier, Facebook user wrote;

    “Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajuun!!!
    What A Painful Lost! We Have Lost A Brother And A Good Friend Bee-Shehu Who Was Shoot By His Colleague Just Bcos Of Misunderstanding That Occurs Betwn Them. MAY JANNATIL FIRDAUSI BE YOUR FINAL HOME ABOKIE!!! Ameen RIP!!!
    When Will Nigeria Be A Discipline Country!!!”

    Newly married soldier shot dead by colleague in Borno state

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