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  • Photos: Beauty Queen Isabella Okafor Beautifies Freedom Falls & Imo International Convention Center (I.I.C.C)

    Ada Imo beauty Queen Isabella Okafor shared on her facebook page what she and her her team did during last week in Imo tagged  OWERRI SIGNAGE BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT.
    Read what she wrote below...
    So 3 days ago as I was scrolling through Facebook, i came across the WHEN FREEDOM FALLS..... post made by my friend Chinedu Hardy Nwadike about one of the projects done by a former Governor "Freedom Falls" signage being in a bad state,
    so I decided to do my bit which is repainting and beautification of the FREEDOM FALLS & I.I.C.C Signage at Warehouse Junction in the heart of Owerri capital of Imo State, to support and encourage the Government while we hopefully wait on them to make our State better for us all.
    Between Friday and Saturday 21st -22nd of August, 2020,
    I contracted and paid my childhood friend who is a painter to help me make this idea become a reality. Thank you so much Slim-sweet John I had to learn how to paint I think I will make a good painter😜
    A massive thanks to my wonderful Brothers
    Kelly Smart
    Ken Simeon
    Okafor Henry Ikenna
    who assisted me in painting and to Hardy and
    Treasured Mercy
    thank you all for making this thought a reality. 🙏🙏
    The whole inspiration and idea behind this project is to see my State look as beautiful as it should be, BUT most importantly to awaken the consciousness of not just the Youths in Imo State but all over the world and the People generally to step out of the entitlement mentality of what the Government should do for us and take a bold step to proffer solution to the problems around us which will ultimately go a long way in creating a driving force on our Leaders to do things aright even the littlest thing that seems not to matter.
    Below are pictures of Before, During and After the repainting Project.
    I dedicate this project to God who blessed me with this insight and the speed to get into work almost immediately.
    I hope my Motherland (Ala Imo) likes and accepts this little input of Mine,
    I pray she blesses and prospers our People and our Land for our today's and tomorrow's generations.
    Long Live!
    The Federal Republic of Nigeria
    Long Live Imo State, The Eastern Heartland!
    Long Live The Good people of Imo State ✊
    I Dearly Love My State and Country, and pledge to put in my TIME, TREASURE & TALENT, to see that We get to the promised Land.✊✊✊
    Your's in Service
    Queen Isabella Okafor
    Ada Imo


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