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  • CEO lands huge contract after security guard connected him
  • A man identified as Lewis Ndichu, the CEO and chairman of a company has secured a big contract after he was connected by a security guard he offered a lift.

    Taking to Facebook, Ndichu revealed how his kindheartedness eventually paid off for him, even months after he rendered help to the security man.

    CEO lands huge contract after security guard connected him

    In his narration, he stated that he met the man identified as Otis during one of those days he gave people free rides after work.

    During the ride in the CEO’s car, Otis while appreciating the gesture, asked him a question that seemed to have been bothering him.

    “I started offering them a lift, almost every day. I could carry three to four people. Now there is this guy with a lot of stories who one day asked, Mkubwa nikulizeko, kwanini huwa unatumbeba. Nyinyi watu wa magari makubwa ni ngumu sana kupeana lift. Lakini wewe hujali ata wakati kuna matope,” Ndichu wrote — translated to mean (Boss, if I may ask you. Why do you offer us a lift yet it is not easy for people of your class who drive big cars to stop and give us a ride? You do not even mind when it is rainy and we may dirty your car),” Otis marvelled.

    The security guard then opened up that he works at one of the blue-chip companies located around the area.

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    Ndichu humbly explained that both of them were men fending for their families and that it did not cost him anything to offer a helping hand.

    The engineer carried on with his generous act of helping the security guards until he met Otis again after a couple of days.

    This time around, Ndichu gave Otis his business card and asked him to reach out to him whenever he needed help or a job.

    “Days passed, months too, until early August 2020 when I received a call from a foreigner who wanted us to meet to discuss a project,” Ndichu shared.

    At the meeting, he asked the foreigner who had referred him and to his surprise, the foreigner smiled and told him his security guy spoke very highly of him.

    “Guess who it was, Otis! So through Otis, I have landed a multi-million project proposed to start soon,”Ndichu disclosed.

    He went to advise that from his encounter with the guard, he had learned not all businesses come from networking in high-end restaurats.

    “Anyone can be a bridge to your success, learn to interact with people. When you help someone, God always returns the favour.

    “What you receive today, you should give some of it back. Always be good, kind and generous to everyone, God might use them one day,” he added.

    Ndichu promised to repay Otis for his gesture.

    “Maybe buy him a motorbike and offersome money for the wife to start a business.

    This will be my way of appreciating how he confidently convinced the client to hire us,” the young CEO wrote.


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