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  • Your ministry will be greater in prison – Cleric tells pastor who killed wife

    A Ghanaian pastor in Texas Daniel Darkwah is currently under fire after he stated that the ministry of his colleague, Prophet Sylvester Ofori, who brutally killed his wife, will thrive during his stay in Prison.

    Your ministry will be greater in prison – Cleric tells pastor who killed wife

    Recall that the popular US-based pastor was arrested after he shot his 27-year-old wife Barbara Tommey dead outside her workplace in Orlando on Tuesday, September 8. Read previous report here

    Taking to Facebook on Friday, Darkwah, who described himself as an “up and coming man of God, said the couple loved each other very much and blamed the dastardly act on the usual culprit, satan.

    “Prophet Sylvester Ofori and beautiful wife Babra Ofori.I know how you both love each other only satan can cause such drama and hurt both of you in the process. Prophet you are still loved by me and my wife and we will bear you in prayer in this very difficult time you are in.,” he wrote.

    “We ask that God forgives you and you forgive yourself for taking the life of another not just anyone but Babra. Babra I know how much you love Sylvester you won’t even wish for revenge on this I pray your soul Rest In Peace and May all your family and affected ones be comforted. Let’s pray for each other it could happen to anyone.

    “I know your ministry will even be greater in prison we don’t know what God will bring out of this mess. Daniel & debbie will love you both forever. God is the Judge here not me” he added.

    However, his post ignited angry reaction from people on Facebook including Ghanaians. Some described his post as insensitive to the family of the murdered woman.

    One Sally Empress wrote:

    “God can fgv him bt definitely not man so stop ur stupidity n shut dat stinking mouth of urs.he will serve his jail term kuleem.i will KP saying it..if its sweet may u hv a taste of it!”

    Another user said:

    “God forbid! He will know no peace, no peace for the wicked! Are you an agent or an accomplice? Same God you all use to dube people with, will visit each and every one of you. No peace for the wicked”

    Ngongang Daniel: Not only are you mad, you are a complete and utter idiot. A stupid fool. A foolish fool. You need some sense beaten into you. You are nothing but a brainwatched idiotic nicompoop”

    In response to the backlash, insults, and alleged death threats he received, the man of God penned another lengthy post on repentance and forgiveness. Read below:

    “Men : Sylvester must Die. God : Sylvester must be forgiven and sin no more.

    I have received countless insults and death threats upon writing ?? about the beautiful couple who Satan has invaded into their peace and home. I am made for times and moments like this I don’t shake and I don’t move.

    The man who killed his wife must be forgiven by God and also repent. I spent the whole night praying about this. I believe that for most of us we have not yet received the love of God in our hearts. Under no circumstances have I defended the actions of Sylvester or condoned to what he did to Babra. No sin is thicker than the Blood of Jesus, I pray God heals everyone hurting and also have Mercy on Sylvester.

    Most Christians are telling me not to say the devil inspired Sylvester ? Who in their normal sense kill their wife ? Am I to say the Holy Spirit motivated him ? Clearly this is an act of wickedness and the only inspiration can be satan.

    The debate is not weather it was premeditated or not we can clearly see an act is spiritual warefare here. Satan was in charge of his heart hence the boldness to say I will kill my wife and he eventually did.

    The most confusing part here is that Christians are saying that he must be killed , thank God He didn’t kill Moses and David who are both Murderers like Sylvester but worked on them and helped them.

    If only Sylvester can ask God for forgiveness and the family of his wife I believe God will have mercy on Him. When a Christian falls ,makes mistakes , does evil or goes the wrong way it is Christians who throw them out and cast curses on them.

    Then later we take our bibles out to go and win souls ? We can’t even manage the backsliding brothers and sisters but we want to go and bring new convets.

    Babra May your gentle soul rest in Gods Perfect love . May your family heal and be strong in such a traumatic time

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