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  • I Am The Queen Of Hair Business In Nigeria - Oluwakemi Juba 'CEO Kojhairways'

  •  We had an exclusive interview with Mrs Oluwakemi Juba CEO KOJHAIRWAYS over the weekend, and this is what she has to say about herself as a successful entrepreneur, business/Brand and her family. 

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    1. What’s your name please?

    Mrs Oluwakemi Juba known as KOJHAIRWAYS

    2. Where are you from and where do you reside

    Am from Sagamu Ogun State

    3. Are you married or Single?

    I am Married

    4. Can you tell us about your business and what it’s all about?

    I have lots of businesses but the Business am known for is my Hair business . We are into the sales of all types of Hairs be it Human hair,human hair blend,vietnam hair,fibre wigs and all

    5. In What year did you establish Your Business and what inspired you?

    In 2015, So many things inspired me into selling hairs .I love dealing with anything called beauty .

    6. How did you come about starting your own business

    its called moving with the trend i.e instagram gave us all the opportunity to own an online store and be self confident

    7. Do you ever encounter any problems with your customers or counterparts

    Everyday ... you know we are all created differently . meanwhile complains makes us a better person in other to improve in the areas where we are lacking

    8. How prompt is your delivery service?

    within lagos is within 24hours after orders has been sent out and subsequently

    9. We heard you have an actress canvassing for your brand online.

    Yes i do and am still looking forward to signing more of them in other to promote my business

    10. Aside from business, what other relationship do you have with your ambassador?

    Aside Business, we have no other relationship for now .so i don't know if later we discovered we could be more

    11. How many states in Nigeria do you cover?

    We deliver worldwide

    12. What has been your customer response so far?

    its been great at least 90% which is the reason why we are still in business till date

    13. Where is your head office Located?

    Mainland Lagos Nigeria

    14. Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next few years?

    I see me and my businesses doing more and more like those that have been successful in the same line of Business . May God help me

    15.Has the corona Virus affected you in any way?

    It has affected me in a good and positive way which I am grateful for even when people are on lockdown they are still ordering .

    16. Do you intend to take your business worldwide in time to come?

    Yes yes yes with God on my side

    17. What are you presently working on to boost and improve your business ?

    So many things and i think the signing of more ambassadors would help too

    18. Can you be referred to as the queen in your line of business?

    Hmmm we have so many queens but in my own little ways i know am a queen too

    19. Is your husband in full support of your business?

    He is in support of it ,we do everything together infact it's our business

    20. What do you have to tell your fans and customers out there?

    I love them all . They should continue to support me cos without them , there is no KOJHAIRWAYS .

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