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  • Shudufhadzo Musida: I’m living my dream right now – Miss South Africa
  •  Shudufhadzo Musida was 2 days ago crowned Miss South Africa 2020 at the glittering pageant finale held at the Table Bay hotel in Cape Town, and she seems to be living her dream life right now.

    Shudufhadzo Musida: I’m living my dream right now – Miss South Africa

    In an interview with ZAlebs, Shudufhadzo was quite thrilled at her emergence as the 2020 Miss South Africa and revealed that she is yet to believe it was a dream come true.

    “To first make sure that this is not a dream I had to to wake up just to pinch myself to make sure that this is happening and I realized that it is real. I slept like a baby and for the first time in my life I did not dream maybe it is because I’m living my dream right now,” she explains.

    The spectacular pageant took place on Saturday evening, and this year it was a virtual affair due to the Covid-19 pandemic hosted by larger-than-life TV star Nomzamo Mbatha.

    “It feels surreal because during the whole time, all I could think about was ‘Oh my God, everyone in my village is watching! Everyone at home is watching.” Shudu said

    Shudu’s first runner-up is Thato Mosehle (25) from Klerksdorp in the North West and her second runner-up is Natasha Joubert (23), from Pretoria, Gauteng.

    All three will represent the country at the world’s three most prestigious pageants. Previously, the Miss South Africa Organisation has sent a representative to both Miss Universe and Miss World, but will also now be fielding a candidate to Miss Supranational.

    It will only be revealed at a later date which contestant will go to which pageant.

    The beauty queen says she will continue to create awareness on important social issues such as mental health and she says the message she has for South Africans is to be kind in order to rebuild our society.

    “During a time like this with Covid-19, Black Lives Matter and Gender Based Violence when there is a lack of compassion we tend to lose a sense of the reality around us and I think every single person deserves a bit of kindness, helping one person can cause a ripple effect.

    You might be helping one but you might be helping out the entire nation because you do not know what that person will go out to do, so that is the message I could South Africa, to remember the collective responsinbilty to be kind a commitment to rebuilding our society and always practicing compasssion.”

    “For me personally mental health is something that is not really spoken about, it is cosidered a taboo that is often engaged with not to rehabilitate but to shame, so I’m actually bringing that conersation forward its time our society needs help and to stand together to confront this and tackle it,” she explains.

    She says the reason she is advocating for mental health is that she has had her own struggles with it.

    “I have had my own struggles with mental health and I come from a rural area and disadvantaged area where when you struggle with mental health you don’t speak about it. It is almost a silent, shameful thing, you have to deal with.”

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