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  • Boko Haram: Nobody can arrest me. I’m doing God’s work – Shekau

    Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has stated that he is not only invincible but no one can arrest him because he is doing God’s work.

    Boko Haram: Nobody can arrest me. I’m doing God’s work – Shekau

    The terrorist made the statement in reaction to the declaration by the Nigerian Army that he is wanted for various terrorist attacks carried out by him and members of his terrorist group.

    The Nigeria Army on Wednesday, November 11, launched the fourth batches of the wanted Boko Haram terrorists. Some of the names which appeared on the list include Abubakar Shekua, Abu Mus’an Al- Barnawwi, Modu Sulum, Umaru Tela, Iman Balge, Abu Umma, Mallam Bako(Hisbah), Abu Dardda, Ibrahim Abu Maryam amongst many others. Read here.

    In a 30-minute video he released by HumAngle, Shekau boasted that nobody can arrest. Flanked by two of his members, Shekau said

    “Nobody can apprehend me because I’m doing God’s work. He will protect me like those doing similar work and seeking His protection. I’m very sure God will protect my commanders. We are all doing God’s work.”

    He vowed that the war would continue even after him.

    “Arresting me will not stop the work we started. What confuses you is you think the religion is mine but it belongs to Allah,” he said.

    Shekau mocked Nigerian military in the video, saying that they repeatedly told people that he was killed even though he was still alive. He attributed economic hardship in Nigeria to God’s vengeance against the country for its war against Boko Haram and it’s members.

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