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  • Ifu Ennada: I almost dated a celebrity not knowing he was broke
  • Reality TV star Ifu Ennada has opened up on social media on how she almost dated a Nigerian celebrity not knowing he was broke already.

    In a ranting spree on Instagram, the actress disclosed that she has not been lucky with men and it appears as if she is cursed in that aspect.

    I almost dated a celebrity not knowing he was broke – Ifu Ennada

    She stated that she almost dated an unnamed celebrity who incurred debts just to impress her, only for her to be the one to reimburse him after she got hold of the information he borrowed cash to take her out.

    See reactions from Nigerians on social media:

    *** All those love stories you read, see, watch and admire were BUILT! Brick by brick. In tears and joy! No magic on that zone! Don’t let nobody fool you!

    So if you want it, you work it out with someone you are inlove with.

    On the other hand, we know you play for the other team too. You were obsessed with Alex. But she wants to be for everyone with her needy self.

    *** She doesn’t know that she is attracting more loneliness and bitterness into her life by even thinking that she only attracts useless men. As u think of yourself so shall be your reality. Negativity is not a good vibe

    *** Suddenly I feel pity for the men who have dated this girl. Oh the trauma they must have gone through.

    *** You are not cursed nne Mmechie onu gi!! Reduce your gbazaqueeness then men will line up!!


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