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  • Ladies, 3 Signs That He Is Only After Your Body

  • Are you confused about if what you are getting is true love or is he just after your body?

    Women are beautiful and trust me, their physical appearance is the first feature that attracts an admirer. But what if this admirer is just interested in this outer look and doesn't care about other features, read to find out.

    1. His best topic when talking with you is 'your body'
    To a large extent, this is the most noticeable sign that he is only interested in your body, but people ignore this. When all he talks about is your enticing shape, how big your boobs and booty are, watch out, he is after your body.

    2. He touches you inordinately
    If you man is the kind of man that touches your private parts carelessly for fun, sometimes even in public, it is a sign of no respect for those parts (your body) and it sure shows he is after your body.

    3. He never talks of marriage.
    Has he ever spoken of marriage to you or does wave off any topic relating to marriage?
    A guy who desires more than your sexual gifts show a mild intention of making your relationship lead to somewhere lasting. It doesn't matter what number marriage is on his to-do list.
    He will always chip in talks of marriage if he wants the relationship to lead somewhere.

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