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  • Man shares photos of what an angel of God looks like, sparks Twitter debate

    A Man has sparked Twitter debate on a Twitter, after he shared what he claims what a photo of an average angel.

    According to the man with the username @TheElectricZero, angels are not cute creatures based on the accurate texts in the Bible.

    He also revealed that Cherubim angels in the Bible does not look like the popular photos on the internet and that those photos are “ another example of white washing”.

    He added that angels are told to have more eyes and that most of their wings are used to hide their body with the last 2 reserved for flying.He wrote; “You think angels are supposed to be some holy cute creatures lol nah this is what your average cherubim angel looks like according to the most accurate texts of the Bible. Can you imagine this appearing to you with a message? No wonder these man in the Bible were yelling.

    Cherubim angels do NOT look like this. Another example of white washing history.

    Again, this is more representative of angels. Note they are told to have even more eyes. & Most wings are used to hide their body with the last 2 reserved for flying.”

    See Tweets;

    Meanwhile, the man’s revelation on Twitter, has sparked debate as some Twitter users disagree with him, while others agree.

    See some of the reactions below;


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