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  • Please pray for my son – Singer Jodie cries out
  • Kuchi Kuchi singer, Jodie has called on her fans to intercede on behalf of her son and pray for him as he has special needs.

    Please pray for my son – Singer Jodie cries out

    The singer who shared photos and a video of her son at one of his physio sessions, called on her followers to join her in praying the toddler, Chinua as he undergoes physiotherapy.

    She said “physio sessions have been one of the toughest times of my life” because she has to watch her son “cry almost everyday”.

    She wrote:

    It’s the first time Chinua is not screaming the building down during a physio session.

    Physio sessions have been one of the toughest times of my life – watching my son cry almost everyday… Leaving me wondering all the time “Is this the best decision for him?”

    But I reassure myself that stopping physio isn’t for his good. So, I keep going, any how.

    Still praying. Children of God, please join me to pray. The Balm of Gilead is the best option – may He visit this issue soonest!

    Fans’ reactions:

    *** Chinua is healed in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen! It is not easy raising a child with special needs, every decision you take you analyse 1 billion times, and hate yourself when it seems your chosen course of action is inflicting so much pain on your child…I have learnt to pray about everything and to pray at every given opportunity keep praying Sis! Keep speaking the word! Keep pushing and God will answer all our prayers over our children in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen… ❤️

    *** Healing is the children’s bread. Chinua is healed from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet. The balm of Gilead is poured and rubbed over him. And he receives total restoration in his body. In this bones. In his tissues ,in his organs. Cos Jehovah Rapha is still in d business of healing and raising dead how much more. He will give u strength n courage so ur testimony will be full and rich🙏.what God cannot do doesn’t exist.


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