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  • Paternity Scadal: Lady narrates how dad tried to kill her despite DNA proving she was his child
  •  A lady has taken to social media to narrate her horrific childhood experience, as her father tired to kill her, despite a DNA test proving she was his child.

    Taking to Twitter, user @SimplyGoitse_, gave graphic details of how her father tried to run her over with a car and did everything within his powers to kill her.

    According to her, he did everything within his power to get rid of her, despite a DNA test proving she was his child. She wrote;

    “My dad tried to run me over with a car when my mother finally decided to take him to maintenance court. That man tried everything in his power to get rid of me even when DNA tests came back proving that I was his child”

    Other Twitter users were quick to share their own horrific experiences at the hands of their father. See some reactions below;

    @BlazingLEGOs: I was born at 6 months because my dad poisoned my mom when she was pregnant he still can’t face me

    @L0ver_Of_Life: Mine was unemployed for 21yrs. 1975-1996.
    1997 my mom got retrenched
    1998 my dad got perm job. Before end of 98 moGuy packed his bags and told my mom that You and Your Kids le njesa chelete yaka bohloko. I laugh now, it wasn’t funny then.

    @Bongiiwe_Ntseto: Apparently mine went to my house with a gun to shoot both my mom and I. His friend/colleague warned my mom. luckily she was working nightshift and I wasn’t home too, I was with the baby sitter at her house.

    @thuli_zandile: My cousin’s dad denied her. Asked for DNA testing more than 3 times. Every time the tests came back 99.9% positive. He then resorted to going to my cousin’s school, asked to speak to her, just to inform her she’s not his child. My cousin was in Grade 12 then. She’s now a Lawyer

    @ThabisoMabo: Lol my mom was a domestic worker and my dad worked at the mine. During the court day he pulled out with a lawyer for maintenance ya less than R300. Magistrate made him pay R600. What a shame and guess what, my mom had another baby with him

    @ClemaMaMa21: I went to mtn taxi rank to look for my father bcos was a taxi owner there tey came one by one asking me dd I know him personally I said no to my surprise he also came to interview me during tat interview Face with rolling eyes”How can we trust u? r u real his child? Until I got angry nd leave

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