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  • Communication! The Key to the Door of a Loving/Lasting Relationship❤️ by Gift Eriobu

  •  Communication👌🏻

    This is a prime factor to resolving misunderstandings. might be okay from your end with someone but from the person's end, something is not right😳. 

    Until you communicate with the other person is your significant other, you'll be so shocked at what the person has concluded about you in his or her heart though he or she still laugh and plays with you. Funny enough, you don't have to take it personal because, the situation surrounding the whole issue is enough reason for him or her to assume or draw conclusions.

    Note: Not that the person is not bad but the situation on ground may force him or her into making conclusions about you. Be considerate, try to see reasons from his end, don't be angry, just follow with wisdom.

    ✔️Talk about the issue. It helps to unveil a lot in the heart. Then trash it out. Forgive where necessary and ask for forgiveness where necessary. I'm sorry or I forgive you won't kill you, it strengthens that relationship.
    Don't let it be about yourself, see from the other person's end and let it go!

    Relationships can be father to daughter, leader to follower, husband to wife, fiance to fiancee and so on.

     Above all, we are to yield to the Holy spirit. Definitely, he will prompt us to do some certain things but our pride won't let us😅.
    It is character people will see and know whether we know this Jesus no matter the anointing we carry.
    We can avoid certain prolonged issues if we yield to the voice inside.
    God will help us, Amen!🙏🏻
    #godlyrelationships❤️ #tuesdaytalk

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