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  • THE BB02 Biography and Net Worth

  •  Adesotu Jesse Woghiren, professionally known by his stage name The BB02 and The (MAN 02) was born on June 7th. He is a Nigerian-American entertainer and award winning performer, producer, media/TV personality, songwriter, activist and visionary whose records have been used by Guinness, MTV for their production features and works. His recent growing global activities stemmed from his musical popularity culminating from his rap, lyrical prowess and his gift in Choreography starting in his early life in the entertainment world in Benin City, Nigeria and later in Boston, USA.

    His impressive achievements as an entertainer won him the Canadian Island Record Talents Search 1993. Furthermore, this  befitting limelight status including numerous American awards nominations and featured in many American movies. His recent feature also comprises his newly debuted song, “The New Kid On The Block” and “Winter Vibes” music videos on YouTube and songs on several platforms and features like Sundance Festival and Netflix etc.
    With both of his parents’ passion and love for music, he recounted some early life events during a recent interview: “I remember, I used to dance like James Brown and Michael Jackson during the breakdance era, and from that I developed my own personal dance moves, skills and styles identity, which eventually morphed into a lead choreographic role in our childhood musical group’. As a matter of fact, the neighborhood I grew up often gather to watch my dance moves during our neighborhood evening get together and subsequently, in my early high school days at Immaculate Conception Catholic, ICC in Benin where we started  “The New Method” with four other guys besides me including my closest friend at the time, late Eugene Agbaliko who teamed up with me to write hit songs like “Hard To Get”, “Downtown Freak”, “5 Minutes To Time Out”, ‘’Arabian Night”, “No Trespassing”  at about the age of thirteen (13) and we went on tour together  to Lagos State, and was involved in press, drama, science clubs at the University entertainment levels. On getting to the United States, our group’s name evolved to “THE LATE COMERS’. In the early days in the United States, I got major label record invitation from Island Records in Canada to the U.S Hollywood records California, Columbia, Atlantic and Capital hill, but never really establish that relationship due to industry proprietary laws uncertainty at the time.  I was also tapped along Akon and Red One to produce for an all-female quartet music group out of Boston. As at today, Bigmanity Music is a label with all the trappings and trimmings of a major player in the game and with the label attache band or group name THE BB02 & THE LEMLINES as a label brand to watch out.
    Jesse Adesotu-Woghiren was born in Benin City, Edo state, in Nigeria. His father was Chief Egbe (Omedo) Woghiren who hailed from the royal lineage of King Obanosa who ruled Benin City. His mother was a renowned cloth and royal bead merchant. Jesse attended Immaculate Conception College, aka Bishop Kelly College in Benin City. He attributes his passion and growth in music to the influence of both of his parents who were endowed with spiritual gifts in music. His mother was a gifted dancer, singer and an entertainer.
    Growing up in a Catholic family household, he was privy to the early knowledge and grooming in “Kareta,  Esakpaode, and Ekassa dance steps” which were popular in Benin City at the time. His mother was also a respected figure who was recognized by the City of Boston in 1986 for her contribution to the rich cultural lifestyles of the community. His educational career took him through the famous Bunker Hill College and Northeastern University in Boston where he studied Music & Business Management/Intellectual Properties Laws.
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