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  • Family photo of beautiful teenage student who committed suicide in Ghana

    A viral photo which has Leticia Kyere Pinamang, the student of Miracle Senior High School, Ghana who committed suicide and her family has popped up on social media.

    16 year-old secondary school student commits suicide inside school hall

    The photo captured an adorable family of six who posed for the camera. They included four light-skinned girls with their mother and father.

    Three of the daughters were dressed in white for the shot, which was taken during a church service, while their mother and one sister were dressed in a flowery-patterned ensemble.

    See the photo below:

    Meanwhile, Leticia’s best friend has also given a chilling account about what happened on the school’s compound before her friend was found hanging.

    According to this friend, all was well with Leticia until she began acting strangely by refusing to attend church service on Monday morning.

    She immediately sensed that something was wrong, but she couldn’t ask Leticia what was wrong so she could open up to her because she is a very private person.

    She sent for a piece of cloth a few minutes before her suicide, which she used to hang herself after quietly walking into the dining hall.

    She also revealed that Leticia left a note before she died, adding that Leticia is a type who does not seek council from anyone when she is going through something.

    However, her mother and sister have slammed reports that their royal hanged herself to death, citing a source from doctors who examined her body.

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