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  • Baba Ijesha never had sex with the girl at any time – actor Yomi Fabiyi

    Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has continued to defend of his colleague and friend, Baba Ijesha, who is currently standing trial for allegedly defiling the foster daughter of comedienne, Princess.

    After Baba Ijesha was arraigned in court on Wednesday, June 16, Yomi said the police has no evidence that Baba defiled because the victim insisted that the actor did not defiled her.

    He also called for the prosecution of the adults who set up CCTV record for the actor to be caught. According to him, fighting for the right of the child means getting justice against all abuses and assault done on the child.

    He wrote;

    “Part of my concerns and why the law must act unbiased. Fighting for the rights of the child means getting justice against all abuses and assaults done against her innocence and her wish.

    Have you ask yourself, what if in the process of the set up there was violence, door locked behind and aside been raped, the girl was killed, will ALL THE ADULTS INVOLVED be let go.

    How can the law be BLIND to that and set a horrible antecedent for several innocent children in our society?

    Where are the SOCIAL SERVICES in the state, why is the DPP advice silent on all the crimes involved in the entire episodes and all that done against the child, why the silence on all that?”



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