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  • Why Is Making A Comeback To The Nigerian Music Industry Difficult ?

  • The Nigerian Music Industry is one of the biggest and largest in the world. There is an estimated one hundred thousand recording artistes/musicians in the country and daily music releases of not less than 100 songs. Music Fridays in Nigeria culminate in the release of almost 1000 songs. One major goal of Nigeria’s numerous artistes, producers, song writers, back up vocalists etc., is to “BLOW”.

    Blow in the Nigerian lingual is not an exchange of physical punches as the reader might think or a terrorist detonating a bomb. Blow in this context is for their songs and creative performance to be known and enjoyed by all and sundry across the country, Africa, and the world as a whole.

    Having a nationwide hit in one‘s catalogue is not a small feat for a creative person in the Nigerian Music Industry. The joy of the numerous airplays, fans chanting your lyrics word for word, sold out shows and tours, streaming incomes and all the other perks that comes with being a hot artiste cannot be overestimated. It is only reasonable that all artistes would want to remain at the top spot for as long as they can.

    Change is however a constant thing and the dynamic nature of music in Africa plus the large pool of talented and consistent artistes in the country makes maintaining the fame a tad more difficult that gaining the fame itself. It is harder to remain at the top because there are a lot of other perhaps even more talented creatives working very hard to take your spot.

    Record label issues, poor PR, laziness, drug abuse, marital issues, scandals, change of musical style etc., are some of the popular reasons why most artistes are unable to manage their fame and end up becoming one hit wonders. Artistes like Deebee of Collabo Fame, XP Pasa Pasa, Sean Tero Choko, Humblesmith Osinachi, AY dot com, Rayce, Don Tom Putu putu among others are pure examples of one hit wonders in the Nigerian music industry.

    A lot of A-list artistes also fall off the radar after a while due to the above-mentioned issues and similar matters. A few exceptions do occur where these artistes return to the limelight like the historic 2018 run of Duncan mighty in the Nigerian music industry after recording a song titled “Fake love“ with Wizkid. His run remains one of the most successful comebacks in the industry till date. A lot of other top artistes who fell off have not had similar success despite signing new deals and featuring some of the hot new kids on the block. It is clear and evident that “REBLOWING“ in the Nigerian music industry is not an easy task.

    The main question now is for an artiste that has not been popping in the industry for like a year or two and wants to make a comeback to the industry, what are the steps such an artiste can take to make a successful comeback? Why is it so difficult to make a comeback into the Nigerian music industry?

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