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  • Here is why you keep adding weight


    It's a new season and party time for the AdemesosValerie could not wait to try her velvet dress. She had done her make up and used her cologneit was time to put on her gorgeous outfit and then the mood changed. The dress was too tight and wouldn't come down'Oh my God! this can't be happening...' she tried to force it down 'tcha..' 'no!'.The dress had torn. Frustrated, she storms out straight to my room'I want to lose weight, try sincerelybut instead I keep adding weight. It's sofrustrating. Sam is coming to pick me and don'thave anything to wear!'


    Like Valeriemany people struggle with the lose weight challenge but as they climb the progress ladderthey slowly slip away, back to step one. Ofcourse, this can be tiring and herculean. But why do we actually slip off when start the climb?



    Here are some reasons we keep adding weight


    1. Insatiable appetite 

    When we begin the diet plan, our appetites are increasing (especially for sugars, and carbohydrates) and we end up eating larger sizes of sugars and sweeteners


    2. Less movement.


    Does your current routine involves less movement and more sitting? this could be a cause. Research has shown that when you sit in a position, you tend to burn less calories, actually a third of the amount used up while in motion. 


    3. Addition to fries and sugary foods. 

    At times our addiction to sweets and confectioneries could be a bane to achieving theperfect size we want to have. 


    4. "I'm always tired and in pain."


    According to Simple Science Fitness (SSF) Online Platform, "many of us are suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, obesity, diabetes, and lack of sleep. Many of us require medication".


    5. Finally, the I can't do it attitude.

    'Oh, this is too good to be true, will it work... am not sure am cut out for this...". worried by the commitment and dedication requiredsome people give up before they even begin.


    All we need to be happier, look younger, and live longer is to make some lifestyle changes. Here area few suggestions:




    1. Be determined and committed


    Just like we mentioned earlier, many have started this journey and missed it as some point. But the few who did not give up got they change they desired. Do you want to have such change? Then don't give up. Whatever you want your body to be starts creating a mental picture and birthinit to realityYou just can't take a No!


    2. Exercise more


    Exercise helps to regulate body metabolismWhen you spend more time on television or the computer or any activity that keeps you in one position for hoursensure you balance it with a proportionate time for exercise. However, if this seems difficult to achieve, then you probably can make time to exercise for just 1 hour, 3 times a weekor partake in moderate activities such as brisk walkcleaning your house — anything that gets you moving


    3.Take more homemade meals.

    Eating home cooked meals helps you sustain your diet plan. For each meal, ensure to take more vegetables. This is non-negotiable.


    4. Answer when hunger knocks


    Being afraid of fat while trying to reduce the intake of carbs often makes us want to avoid meals. This should not be. Note that carbohydrate and fat are the body’s two main energy sources, and the body needs at least one of them.


    When we avoid both this results in hunger and fatigue. Sooner or later, we give up the weight loss challenge. Here is the way out: consume more natural fats such as olive oil, butter, eggs, fish, butter and coconut oil.



    5. Avoid sugarsartificial sweeteners and starchymeals


    Taking a low-carbohydrate diet helps you eat less while at the same. This helps to increase your fat burning at rest. Study after study show that low carbohydrate is the smart way to lose weight and that it improves important health markers.


    7. Stress less, sleep more

    8. Review any medication and only use when deemed necessary. 

    Always, remember that losing weight is not magic but a process which can be fast and effective if the rules are adhered to. 

    By Grace Aderemi-John


    Grace is a freelance lifestyle writer with interest in travels, healthy living and development communication 



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