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  • Pave water Revolutionizing Water Bottling Company in Ibadan

  •  Pave Water, one of the best in providing ozonized Waters in the city of Ibadan and the advocate of "something new and fresh us coming your way". The Company, which was established in 2017 and could boast of necessary sophisticated machines needed in producing bottling and treatment of water for human consumptions.

    While announcing the new campaign "Pavetheway", the CEO, Mr Bolaji Oluwole, he explained that, "beyond the usual, more than what you've ever imagined, we have prepared something that would blow your mind". The Director explained while on Telephone chart with Pressmen. 

    He further continued, "we have supported many events and reality TV shows both in Lagos and  Ibadan and our customers and clients' reviews has been top notch which have been keeping them yearning for more of our supplies".

    "Pave Water has what it takes to be a nation wide provider of water bottling  Nationwide, which has influenced our outreach and campaign for pure and clean hygienic water which is registered and approved by NAFDAC. 

    Pave water, which has been an household name in Bottled Water Company in Oyo state located in No.5, White Lane, Morgana estate, Elebu, Ibadan has further embraced most technological advancement in water purification and  reverse osmosis.

    Speaking with the General Manager, he examined that, Pave water is already revolutionizing the bottled water company in Ibadan has "we are now the number one company in Ibadan as we have one of the best customer relations, as we maintain more online presence and easy accessibility, so try us today", he said

    “And also we supply so many big companies and organizations in ibadan. Like hotels, clubs, eateries and etc" he added.

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