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  • 3 Artists I Feel Could've Been More If Things Went Differently

  • Niyola: Every music lover knew that Niyola was one of the best talents in the entertainment industry back in the day.

    This first lady of EME music was a triple threat. She had the looks, a voice like no other and charisma. 

    Her cover version of 'Drunk In Love' was topnotch that year, many people were amazed by her vocal range. 

    It came as a surprise to fans when the beautiful Niyola eventually left Banky W's EME in 2015. 

    She didn't say why, until she revealed just last month that the record label wasn't particularly interested in her talent. Rather they wanted to make her a s*x symbol against her wish. 

    No one can say for sure.

    But if her old music videos are anything to go by, a lot of them were steamy. 

    Sadly, her name gradually became a thing of the past after leaving EME, unlike Wizkid.

    GT Da Guitarman: If you remember his song "Dreamer" you must be as old as Methuselah.

    GT was bad on the guitar.

    Let's just say he was the Korede Bello of that era in terms of melting the hearts of ladies with his dimpled cheeks and boyish charm, and of course the guitar he stylishly carried about.

    Stardom looked very good on GT, but that wasn't going to be the case.

    Other songs he made over the years didn't match the success of his 2009 hit single 'Dreamer'.

    Along the line, he announced his retirement from music, which nobody cared about.

    He returned with some new songs this year, but I think to most fans, that ship has sailed.

    Seyi Shay: She's that artist who has an impressive number of hits under her belt. 

    Lovin Your Way, Irawo, Yolo Yolo, Murda... You name it.

    Plus, several stunning music videos and a great sense of style that many artists can't boast of. 

    By any standard she should be A-list.

    But for some reason, despite her accomplishments, it's like Seyi's career hasn't taken off on the Nigerian music scene. 

    For years, a cloud has been overshadowing her growth. I doubt she has an actual fan base loyal to her and this could be the reason.

    Maybe if she were more relatable with her fans, things would've been different. She hasn't built that connection all these years.

    Written by Bismark 

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