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  • Don't risk marriage with these set of people
  •  Many people love the idea of marriage but the bad news they keep hearing is distancing them from the idea.

    Some especially the redpillers may claim defiance ,but deep within they wish to settle down, but they just don't know with whom

    I can't tell you who to marry, But I can advise you on whom not to marry

    I- Never marry someone without the fear of God. It's dangerous.

    They may fear you at your presence,maybe because of your economic power as their benefactor or because you may get upset and do them dirty if they wrong you. But don't underestimate their quick change if they finally get that which you offer them from somewhere else , then the fear of you diminished and they do what they wish . Cheat on you , blackmail you and of course divorce you.

    2 ...Never marry someone that find it hard to forgive simple fault

    I had to add simple fault, because if I say just forgive, then you might take him/her for granted and be doing anyhow. tongue , because you know they will forgive after all. But in this context, I mean , don't risk marriage with someone who hold grudges for long and don't see reason to let go , who don't forgive easily but hold on to fault. You will see this singns during courtship, but if you are blinded by love, money, figure 8 or 6 packs. Marriage go clear your eyes

    3 Don't Risk marriage with some one with too many opposing beliefs to yours

    By opposing beliefs, I don't mean APC Vs PDP, they are almost the same thing, I mean, don't risk marriage with an extremist of any kind, except you two are extremist. If you are pro life and they prefer abortion, don't go there. If they laugh at the death of another person who is simply not their tribe or religion but they feel happy at it. That person is not sympathetic, he/she will laugh at you one day and you will hate yourself. Only you can properly tell the contrast. Just don't risk marriage with some one with too much opposite beliefs to yours.

    4 don't marry a liar

    Fooooool, you will see it o, but you will laugh and say but you can lie sha grin. Don't worry na, marry him/her . You go hear whin. You will always know where you stand with a womanizer, you will always know where you stand with a thief, but you can never know where to place yourself with a chronic LIAR. Don't say he doesn't lie to me sha, the breakfast go reach everybody one day and you will hate it that you were one of the many wise people he/she fooled

    5. Don't marry a sadist

    There are some things smiling and laughter can àvert , there are some things dancing and playing can repair, there are some things , cuddling and chiding can fix , but if you end up with a sadist . There is nothing I have to say to you than the LORD is your strength

    6.. don't marry a nyph if you can't cope

    At first you will think it's fun and you can match the game , but when e go over you , even the gods with their might and wisdom won't be able to settle the matter

    7. don't marry out of pity

    She came from a poor background so she must me humble and needy , Bros that should not be the main reason you should marry her. If I don't marry her who will? Let me just pity him cos he has been disturbing me, the boy try self . Me I pity you o. She doesn't have a helper let me help her by marriage, no go marry witch o

    8. if there have been several warning signs, don't be stubborn, don't marry o

    You may have noticed the signs , when they are with you, or in the dream or through your father or mother or friends or neighbor or strangers..

    e get why o.

    Don't follow your mumu heart o. You self reason am

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