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  • Why You Should Use KuCoin!

  • As you know KuCoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets. KuCoin's extensive feature set may make it an appealing option for sophisticated cryptocurrency investors.

    See Why You Should Use KuCoin below;

    KuCoin Token (KCS)

    KuCoin also has its own token, the KuCoin Token (KCS), which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. KuCoin users who own KCS are eligible for trading fee savings and a daily share of KuCoin's trading fee earnings. Users must have at least six KCS tokens to be eligible.

    Margin Trading

    KuCoin is one of the few exchanges that allows residents of the United States to open a cryptocurrency margin account. This risky investment strategy allows users to borrow money in order to increase their profits (and their potential losses). Margin boosts the level of risk you can take on when investing in an already dangerous and historically fluctuating asset, and it's best left to seasoned crypto traders.

    Trading Bot

    Users can use KuCoin's Trading Bot to automate their crypto trading by programming actions that will be executed automatically when certain circumstances are satisfied. You may use it for everything from rebalancing your portfolio when your asset allocation gets out of whack to implementing guardrails to allow it to profit from price movements while you're away.

    Crypto Lending

    Users can also lend their crypto assets to other would-be margin traders through KuCoin. Interest rates and other term lengths differ depending on the coin. Of course, there are hazards associated with crypto lending. While the loans are secured and the recipient is required to maintain a particular level, price fluctuations can result in unanticipated losses. If a recipient's account falls below 97 percent of their borrowed amount, KuCoin automatically initiates margin calls, which refill your loaned coins. KuCoin's insurance covers the difference if users are unable to return you in full, albeit the site cautions in the conditions that this is not guaranteed to fully cover any losses.

    Aside from the excellent benefits listed above, as an investor or a crypto newbie, you can win 2,000 USDT and other gifts when you register on KuCoin HERE and continue to invest in coins for larger income.

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