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  • How To withdraw On KuCoin

  • Today I'm going to discuss about How To withdraw On  KuCoin .

    KuCoin is without a doubt one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms for buying, selling, and trading digital assets. KuCoin may appeal to cryptocurrency investors due to its broad feature set.

    These are the first things you need to KNOW before using the KuCoin

    Step 1
    Log into your KuCoin account, then click “Assets”
    “Withdraw” to enter the withdrawal page.

    Step 2
    Search for the token you want to withdraw

    Step 3
    After selecting your coin pick the blockchain network. Paste your wallet address and amount you to withdraw.

    KuCoin will process your withdrawal in 30 minutes, it depends on the blockchain when the asset will finally be processed to your wallet.

    Thank you for choosing KuCoin you can register HERE to enjoy the unlimited offers on KuCoin.

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