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  • See Reno Omokri Tweet About Peter Obi One Year Ago. What Went Wrong?

    Peter Obi followed by Tinubu are the candidates in this election that Reno Omokri has spent time on social media trying to discredit.

    Check his timelines. Everyday he posts things to dissuade people from following Peter and try to convince people that he doesn't stand a chance. He was doing that on Tinubu for a while but his focus is now more on Twitter.

    Let's even agree Peter doesn't stand a chance at presidency, what's wrong with allowing the man pursue his dream. what went wrong between them. Why is Reno exacting so much energy trying to attack his followers and dissuade people from following him.

    In all these, neither Peter nor Tinubu has replied Reno.

    I came accross this tweet and I recall the good old days when Reno sings awesome songs about Peter. When Atiku and Peter were political associates Reno praised their combo. What suddenly changed?

    Reno had openly said he is supporting Atiku, Could it be that Reno had preferred Obi to remain Atiku's vice and not vie for president and when Peter was not going for that, hatred set in.

    I mean there are tens of candidates contesting across party lines. There are people Reno has never said a word about. What did Peter and Tinubu do to Reno.

    Reno has said Peter's followers online are toxic. Why not ignore as a former associate of Peter and Atiku.

    Reno said Peter left PDP to avoid being disgraced. There are over 10 contestants. Only one winner will emerge. Is Reno saying that whoever looses election has been disgraced? Peter is not the first to leave a party and move to another and won't be the last.

    There is just more to it that Reno is not saying.

    His boss Jonathan and Obi are very close, what will happen if APC gives ticket to GEJ and he wins and calls Peter to come serve as minister of economy or minister for finance.

    I have tried to understand where the so much venom against Peter and Tinubu is coming from. I can't place it.

    See his tweet just a year ago.

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