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  • God Will Not Make You LABOURERS.. Tinubu Says As He MOCKS, PDP, Labour Party In Osun

  • Oh dear! APC preidential candidate, Bola Tinubu has told APC stalwarts that came out today for the party’s mega rally not to votre for mushroom parties such as PDP and Labour party, saying God will not make them labourers.

    Speaking at the rally, Tinubu said;

    “I ask you to please do the same thing you did in Ekiti. Come out with your PVCs and vote massively for APC,” he said.

    “The voting is now in your hand. Be very vigilant. Be watchful. You will not do it in vain.

    “Think about your children and vote accordingly so you can see the future. Come out en masse. Don’t mind PDP and other mushroom parties — parties like Labour; they will labour till they die. God will not make you labourers.

    “You’re next. We will be here till tomorrow. We will come back here for victory dance. Look at the trajectory of our lives. We make promises and fulfil them. We are the ones upholding the party, the Buhari party. Don’t answer the naysayers.”

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