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  • How Reno Abandoned His Wife To Chase After An Ethiopian Babe - David Hundeyin (Photo)

    OK I'm going to bite because I've had just about enough of this guy.

    Which of the wives and children, Reno? Is it your legally married wife Tuokpe whom you abandoned in Antioch, California to chase the Ethiopian babe you impregnated and are now living with in London?

    Since when did you care about your wife and children, Reno? Was it when you abandoned Tuokpe with your 3 children including a special needs kid all by herself in California and you had a child with another woman you're living with?

    You better answer, you silver-tongued serpent!

    The Bible you can't shut up about says at Proverbs 5:18: "Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth."

    You abandoned the wife of your youth with 3 children and moved to another country with a younger woman and you have THE NERVE to speak?

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