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  • "2023 Is A Crossroad For Every Nigerian Youth" - Hon. Bello Buhari Ibrahim

    These days, when youths involvement in politics is argued across Africa, one compelling fact that can't be undermined, is Nigeria’s contribution into the revolutionary process.

    As a country with bountiful Creatives, innovative heads, and resourceful young leaders, Nigeria beacon with some of the best minds globally, and one of such young minds, is Hon. Bello Buhari Ibrahim.

    With optimal desire to help Nigeria grow and develop, Bello Buhari has put himself in the forefront of service. A board member; foreign Investment Network, New York. Chief Executive Officer of Carbon Credit Australia, and Member, Advisory of African Union in Nigeria.

    During a recent interview with, Buhari who has a long history of deep relations with obviously all members of the current USA Administration; President Joe Biden; Vice President Kamala Harris; Secretary of Treasury, Janet Yellen; and others - he figured out some of our fundamental problems affecting Nigeria.

    "If we focus on the right things, Nigeria will be a Pinup country the rest of the world would look up to."

    "We should invest more in Human Capital. It's the first spec in creating a better society. The amount of resources we have, both natural and human is amazing. What we need is viable leadership, so that we can consolidate on these resources for the benefit of the entire country. It's a one-shoe-in for economic growth.

    "We have all it takes to lead the rest of the world, and I think there will be alot of decisions to be made, come 2023. We are conscious of the possibilities we have ahead. 2023 is a crossroad to mark our involvements as young people. We need leaders who believe that young people can impact in the scheme of things."

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