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    The gift card trading industry in Nigeria is over a decade old. During this time, cardholders have moved from selling gift cards for cash on social media like Whatsapp to selling them on online gift card trading apps and websites. This industry paradigm shift came with many positive changes, like easy and fast transactions, but it also put gift card traders at risk of getting scammed easily.

    Gift card traders getting scammed of their assets is not new on the internet. It is not like online exchange platforms made it so; it is mainly because they made it easier. Because it is easy to create gift card trading apps, almost anyone can create one and decide to use it for selfish purposes. These scammers disguised as exchange platforms usually succeed in scamming innocent traders because they use high exchange rates as a gimmick to gain their patronage.

    It is important to note that it is never the fault of the victims, but the occurrence can be avoided if people arm themselves with certain information about fraudulent apps. The best way to evaluate the legitimacy of a gift card trading app is to check its online presence. If the gift card exchange platform has an active online presence, then there is every probability that it is legit. If it doesn’t, then you shouldn’t patronize such exchange platforms.

    There are other antics to look out for, like ridiculously high exchange rates and incentives. If it is too good to be true, then it is probably not true, and you should avoid it at all costs.

    Even as there are exchange platforms that have made gift card traders lose hope in the process because of the fear of getting scammed, there are others that are committed to providing the best gift card trading experiences for all and sundry. A perfect example of such a platform is Cardvest. In this article, we will show you how Cardvest is gradually becoming the exchange platform of choice for most Nigerian traders.

    Cardvest: The best exchange platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria

    If you are a gift card trader in Nigeria looking to get the most out of your gift card trades, we advise that you use Cardvest. Cardvest is the best gift card exchange platform and has been around for quite a few years. Since its inception, Cardvest has provided nothing less than the best trading services for Nigerians.

    Cardvest is dedicated to ensuring you always get your money’s worth through its unique features and services. Other platforms like Cardtonic and Presmit have often been compared to Cardvest, but in using them, you would discover that Cardvest is way ahead of them. Cardtonic and Presmit are equally trustworthy apps, but the user experience is subpar, according to some of the app's reviews.

    The robustness of the Cardvest apps and websites sets it apart from its competitors. The features embedded in the Cardvest exchange platform also contribute to its usability. Some of these features are listed below.

    User-friendly Interface: People judge a book by its cover the same way apps are judged by their appearance (user interface). For this reason, Cardvest created a platform that is user-friendly, responsive, and easy to use. The Cardvest apps and website have an intuitive that provides users with a seamless trading experience no matter their device types and screen sizes. Cardvest is available for download on both Google Playstore and Apple Store, and these apps have more than 1000 downloads with several positive reviews.

    Fast and seamless transaction: Nigerian gift card traders love Cardvest because it has provided a platform that promotes fast and secured transactions. You can sell your gift cards for cash on Cardvest and get paid immediately after your transaction is approved. The app doesn’t lag, and your account will get credited instantly if you have followed the right procedures. The speedy performance of the Cardvest platform is consistent across all devices, including the website.

    Flexibility: As mentioned above, Cardvest is available for both Apple and Android devices. Another way the platform is flexible is that it supports a wide array of gift cards. You can sell Google Play, Amazon, Amex, Amazon, eBay, Footlocker, Sam’s Club, Google Play, iTunes, JCPenney, Macy’s, Nike, Nordstrom, Sephora, Steam, Target, Vanilla, Visa, and Walmart gift cards on Cardvest.

    Fantastic rates: The reason why exchanging gift cards for naira is popular is because it is lucrative. This means that gift card trading is a legit profit-making venture. However, when you trade gift cards on platforms like Cardvest, you can make robust gains because it sells gift cards at the best rates. Cardvest undoubtedly offers the highest gift card rates in Nigeria Today. No other platform comes close to the rates you would find on Cardvest.

    Rates calculator: The Importance of gift card rates calculator is vital in improving the trading experience of gift card traders. This is because the rates of gift cards are constantly changing, and it is quite challenging to keep up. Cardvest recognized this issue and thought it wise to add the rates calculator to its platform to make transactions even more seamless. Now, on Cardvest, you can easily check your Google play gift card rates before selling.

    The gift cards with the highest exchange rate on Cardvest per $100 in naira are listed below.

    Amazon gift cards- 41,000 naira (410naira/$)

    Steam gift cards- 52,000 naira (520naira/$)

    Sephora gift cards- 41,500 naira (415naira/$)

    Amex Gold gift cards- 38,500 (385naira/$)

    Nordstrom gift cards- 40,500 (405naira/$)

    Other gift card exchange platforms in Nigeria promoting flexibility and ease

    Apart from Cardvest, there are other exchange platforms that promote flexibility and ease. Two of the top platforms on our list are Astro Africa and Giftcards Hub. On these platforms, you can trade gift cards for cash or crypto and get paid instantly without delay. These platforms also have a simple user interface, rate calculator and sells gift cards at the best rates. All you have to do is make a decision, download the app, and start selling your gift cards for cash.

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