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  • Mixta Marquez interviews legendary footballer Obafemi Martins.

    Obafemi Mathins is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest Nigerian Footballers, having been listed as one of the top paid players in China, where he played. He is estimated to have a networth of around $35million.
    Though he is not currently affiliated with a club, he is rather involved in various endorsement initiatives and investments deals in Nigeria, ranging from real estate , entertainment among others.
    In a brief conversation with Mixta Marquez, he gave an insight into why he decided to make his passion a profession. Excerpt:

    At one point, Obafemi Martins was the most prominent striker for the Nigeria’s national football team, a time he recalls with fondness.

    “When I started playing for Nigeria, it was a beautiful moment and indeed a dream come true for me because back then, there were six or seven players in that same position, so seeing myself being oppotuned and singled out to play was a thing of joy.
    But these days it’s different.
    I really wanted to do more for Nigeria at that time, because you saw players in my time who were cautious and didn’t give their all. Most of them were too concerned about not getting injured, not losing deals, and not getting into trouble with their club sides; but due to my passion for football, I was tough and played tirelessly with all my strength and might just to ensure I make a profession out of it

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