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  • The Cancer Eating The African Entertainment Industry by Segun Ajuwon (Durozy International)
  • A vast majority of African entertainers do not earn from the commercialisation of their Intellectual property.
    Now, let me start by defining what Intellectual property is.

    Intellectual property is the intangible creation from the imagination of a creative.

    This imaginative addition can be created by an expression of accumulated knowledge or from a random thought process. Every music work is a combination of several Intellectual properties put together by either one or more creatives.
    These creatives are also called Right Holders because they own the right of use for their intellectual property in the music work. Once a music work is created, right holders exist and should earn from the exploitation of that work. These earnings are called MUSIC ROYALTIES.

    Music Royalty is the Endless Passive Income earned from the commercialisation of an intellectual property created for the music industry.
    The anomaly exists when creatives are not aware that their tangible contribution can be monetized and they can earn passively on them in perpetuity or FOREVER.
    This ignorance and misinformation have led to an industry where most creatives are plagiarised, their works are not accounted for, they have no money to advance their craft and they have no legal document to show for their contribution to trending and high-income music projects.

    With Collection Societies, Rights Management Organisations, and Music Royalty Experts, creatives can now claim their share in the proceeds that come from the commercialization of their intellectual property either as Lyrics, Beats, Piano lines, Guitar lines, Drum additions, Saxophone lines, and any other original addition imputed into a musical work.


    How Do I Start?
    How Do I Get My Royalties For Old Songs
    How Do I Know Which Collection Society To Affiliate With?
    How Do I Get These Artists that Don’t Want To Pay Me My Royalties To
    Accede? The SOLUTION is right here.

    DUROZY INTERNATIONAL is a Music Royalty and Rights Management Organization that helps low-income highly creative African musicians protect their intellectual property and create an endless passive income for them when their work is commercially used. We have a hands-on team equipped to answer queries and walk you through
    your path to musical financial freedom.
    We have served over one hundred creatives in the music space and continue to work towards reducing the level of ignorance and Intellectual property theft plaguing the Music Industry.

    You can reach us via the following channels:
    Whatsapp Line: 09048173333
    Instagram: @dmusicpublisher






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