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  • Purple Maley - 2Am (Lagos)

  •  Purple Maley, regarded as one of the most talented young vocalists and incredible songwriters, has released a new song titled “2 AM (Lagos)”. A rhythmic mid-tempo masterpiece laced with extraordinary vocals to hold an audience spellbound. Meticulously produced, mixed, and mastered, “2 AM (Lagos)” is reminiscent of billboard chart-topping songs. The track does hit differently. It's eargasmic. It will take the industry by storm.

    Christened Usman Amali, a native of Benue state, Purple Maley is an embodiment of his stage name. The Purple in his moniker mirrors his creativity, royalty, and ambition. Purple Maley symbolizes musical prowess synonymous with the legendary Bob Fela Kuti, Drake, 2face, and Akon. This lad does live and breathe music. His sound suits the easy-breezy way of how to live life to the fullest.

    Born in Benue state but raised in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Growing up in this middle state, he found himself amid urban music buffs. Listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Enya, and Bobby Caldwell, his alternative R&B and Afro-fusion career began to manifest. In 2019, he put out his debut project titled “Colored Influence”. A body of work that exhibited his uniquely integrated musical traits.

    With the release of “2 AM (Lagos)”, published on 30 March 2023, Purple Maley continues to flaunt his psychedelic approach in carrying through his music verses. According to him, the song is inspired by my true-life story. It’s an anthem for every youthful-minded person on the move. It's a song for those that strive to balance the hustle of daytime with turning up for good nightlife. A dose of Purple Maley's music is the perfect stimulus to make a day count.

    John Ake, C.E.O of John Peace Media, spoke about how delighted he’s for handling A&R and Promotions for Purple Maley. In his words, “Working with him on the A&R was a unique experience. His work ethic is contagious. He's meticulous about his vocal delivery and his brand positioning. All the listed attributes are evident in the song “2 AM (Lagos)”. It's feel-good music for every mood. He's the real deal. We can't wait to tour the world with him”.


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