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  • Singer TY Buoyant Makes Case For Diaspora Artists Ahead Of Single Release
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    Nigerian artist Olabisi Omokolade Oluwatoyin popularly known as TY Buoyant has said that with what African sounds have achieved globally, the genre deserves more recognition that it has today.

    TY Buoyant who is based in Europe said that even when songs from Africa are gaining global recognition, Afrobeat songs made from other continents deserve the same attention and recognition globally..

    “Growing up I was listening to a number of artists but the likes of Fela, 2Baba and PSquare really influenced me”

    “Their  music meant so much and also changed a whole lot globally to give us what we are enjoying today”

    “I feel that beyond having a category in the grammys and other awards, we have something specially going on in Afrobeat and I am going to lend my voice to make it louder”, he said.

    Singer TY Buoyant (1).jpg

    TY Buoyant has a single titled ‘Hold Me’ set to be released in weeks time and the singer also added that the single will be dropping with the official video.

    He said that doing Afrobeat in Africa is different from Europe, but the Afrobeat Globalization mission also means music lovers in Africa will start following and appreciating artists based outside Africa.

    “If Afrobeat must be a global brand as we wish for it, it has to be accepted everywhere. We’re just in every part of the world and our music is being played same way and it can only get better”

    “Radio stations, the media and awards should also look at artists based outside Africa, we are doing the same and we are also contributing our fair share in spreading the Afrobeat gospel”

    “We need people to put in a lot of work like I am doing here in Europe and we will eventually get there"

    "I hope to see ‘Hold Me’ take me to a lot of countries and back home in Africa”

    “I want to enjoy music like I have done as a kid and I want to also see my mother being proud of her son after putting in all the work to make me a better person”

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