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  • Why I Am Not Happy On My 76th Birthday - Pete Edochie
  •  Famous veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has said he was unhappy as he clocked 76 years.

    In a video shared on his Instagram page, he expressed his reasons for unhappiness.

    I’m not happy because I can’t go to bank to withdraw my own money, Pete Edochie says

    He said, “I’m 76 today and thank God who has brought me thus far. I should be happy today but I’m not because I can’t go to the bank to withdraw money which belongs to me and was told it’s for my own good.

    “I can’t go to the filling station and buy fuel for my car, again must be for my own good. Electricity has been epileptic and has even now become worse. Elections manifest themselves as selection and tried to find out why but no one offered any explanation, so I said to myself, ‘Pete, it must be for your own good’.”

    Pete further expressed grievance i no the video caption, said “I have observed the events in our Nation for the past few weeks as it unfolds and I have chosen a special day like my 76th year on earth to address that in few words.

    I have deduced that Being a Nigerian is a full time job. Being a Nigerian comes with an inherent perpetual anxiety. We need explanation. Or is it all REALLY FOR OUR OWN GOOD?

    “Was the Presidential election an ELECTION or SELECTION? We need EXPLANATION as a NATION,” he wrote.

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