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  • Davido’s latest album, ‘Timeless,’ is subpar with no significant improvement —Adeyinka Oluwamayowa
  •  Davido’s latest album, ‘Timeless,’ is subpar with no significant improvement —Adeyinka Oluwamayowa

    Adeyinka Oluwamayowa, a Nigerian entertainment journalist and music pundit, has criticized Davido’s most recent album, ‘Timeless,’ for falling short of the standard of contemporary African and Nigerian music. He called the collection of work “basic,” noting that neither his talent nor his delivery had changed significantly.

    Adeyinka said he had higher expectations for the celebrated Nigerian artist who had previously set high standards for himself. He expressed his dismay because the record didn’t appear to live up to his hopes.

    The recognized music critic is concerned about the album’s lack of inventiveness and innovation. He claimed that the album’s tracks lacked substance and that the lyrics were too trite and repetitious. He also asserted that Davido’s performance on the tracks is unimpressive and devoid of the vigour and intensity for which the ‘Stand Strong’ crooner is renowned.

    Adeyinka contends that the ‘Timeless’ album failed to live up to the anticipation surrounding Davido’s music, despite some fans’ defenses that it still has its charms.

    It is evident that the Nigerian music scene is developing quickly, with new talents emerging and pushing the envelope of originality and creativity. Adeyinka stated that he expected Davido to up his game and demonstrate his artistic development on the collection. He wonders if Davido has become complacent in his career because the record appears to fall short of his expectations.

    Davido’s latest album may have some redeeming qualities because of the smooth productions and songs like ‘Feel,’ ‘Champion Sound,’ and ‘Na Money,’ but it is obvious that it has fallen short of the benchmark set by the Nigerian music business right now.

    Music fans want more from their favourite musicians given the ability and ingenuity on exhibit, and Adeyinka bemoaned that Davido has not met expectations with his most recent body of work.

    “The ‘Timeless’ album is not a good representative of Afrobeats or any other genre of African music,” Adeyinka continued. The album, he concluded, “would have been better suited as an experimental EP,” nevertheless.

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