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  • Anaxon Wellness CEO, Victor Ayoola, Sheds Light on Traditional Medicine in Revealing Interview

  • For centuries, traditional medicine has persisted, and there is still much to uncover about this age-old practice. As alternative medicine gains popularity, it's crucial to dispel the myths and misunderstandings surrounding it. In this interview, we sit down with Victor Ayoola, CEO of Anaxon Wellness, to delve into his knowledge of traditional medicine, including his diagnostic and treatment procedures, his integration of traditional and modern healthcare practices, and his effort to address common misconceptions about the field while maintaining the safety and effectiveness of his remedies. Continue reading to gain a deeper understanding of traditional medicine and its potential benefits.


    ● How did you become interested in traditional medicine?


    Traditional Medicine also known as Alternative medicine is something I was born into. Most of the things done there are things I literally grew up knowing from childhood but I later decided to take it into a source of living as time goes on!!



    ● Can you tell us about your training and education in traditional medicine?


    I was trained by my Godmother that is still into this business till now but age made her less active. She is the one that fully groom me at Ebute meta areas of Lagos state.



    ● What are some of the most common health issues that your clients come to you for?


    Common health issues clients come for are infections, menstrual issues and Fibroid.



    ● Can you walk us through your process of diagnosing and treating a patient?


    My process of diagnosing is easy. When a client comes to me, the first thing I request is their test result from the hospital laboratory. The lab result helps in knowing what medication to give out because most time, sickness can relatively share the same symptoms.



    ● How do you ensure the safety and efficacy of your traditional remedies?


    All our remedies are safe because most of our medicines undergo clinical trials. As a matter of fact, some of them are already NAFDAC  approved while the rest are presently with as work is still going on. So for efficiency, they are all absolutely good to go. They are top notch.



    ● What are some misconceptions people have about traditional medicine?


    Misconception about traditional medicine is that it affects the liver after using it also due to the fact that most alternative medicine practitioners are not really educated so people do not trust them. But trust me I am up to the task as lots of calculations have gone down before giving out an herb to use. Most times we even go to an extent of going to hospitals to test run our herbs on patients. So we do not give excess of it that could damage the liver and we are learned so we know the dos and don'ts.



    ● How do you balance the traditional and modern approaches to healthcare?


    Regarding modern approach to healthcare. I make people understand that we are coming to take over sooner than they imagine because the truth is that we do give permanent solutions to what orthodox medicine cannot do. We do not just give you herbs and let you go like that, rather we monitor you for another three months to ascertain the fact that you are really okay and good before we let go. People have to understand that times are changing and as such our herbs are now being encapsulated. We also filter out the bitterness in it for the GenZ as they call themselves.



    ● How do you keep up with the latest developments and research in traditional medicine?


    The highest researchers are the Alternative medicine practitioners. Everyday we hear of new sickness diseases and so we keep researching on which leaf is best to use for such ailment thereby testing varieties of them to know the most potent one and all these are done in the laboratory!!



    ● Can you tell us about a particularly challenging case you've dealt with and how you approached it?


    My most challenging case is infertility. It takes a lot to solve cases like that as most clients would not always comply with whatever we tell them. To treat infertility we tell clients to come with lots of test results which they always claim that they are fine, especially the MEN. They would insist nothing is wrong with them so it makes it extremely difficult to achieve results in that aspect. But we keep pleading with them till they finally agree but trust me it is not an easy task!!



    ● What is your advice for someone who wants to pursue a career in traditional medicine?


    My advice is for the person to be real. No matter how good you are, be truthful as lots of practitioners are now liars. Just to make money out of a client they will say what is not and also treat what is beyond them. You cannot treat all ailments and that is the truth so I do tell them what you cannot handle, let it go or rather refer them to those that specialise in it. We all have our speciality unlike me. I major in female health, sexuality and wellness.



    ● What sets ANAXON WELLNESS apart from other traditional medicine practitioners?


    What actually sets us apart is that we stand on truth. Go through my page and all I will not hide information from you and I ensure people see how things are done making me transparent. Most practitioners believe in hiding things to make money but I believe in letting you know things and sometimes I tell them simple home remedies they can practise and not come to me.



    ● Can you tell us about some of the success stories of your clients?


    I have lots of success stories of clients ranging from clients that suffer recurrent infections which are now free after using both orthodox and traditional medicine from all angles but getting to me they are now totally okay. Those with Pcos have testified also as people do say it can only be managed and can’t be cured. Client with hepatitis B Fibroids Hormonal issues etc. I have a particular client that has not seen her period for the past ten years and now she is okay. Lots of infertility issues from clients and now they have their own children. I cannot name it all. I also remember a client that is 24 yrs and never had her period for once etc.



    ● How has your business grown and evolved over the years?


    Business has grown beyond imagination. I have clients all over the world reaching out to me over one ailment or the other. Countries that I have never thought they would hear my name, especially IRAQ. I never knew Nigerians are there and they have been reaching out to me not to talk of the likes of the UK, CANADA, USA etc.



    ● How do you handle scepticism or criticism of traditional medicine?


    As human criticism is part of our life no matter what you do either good or good people will always talk. So as for me I see it as a normal thing and move on. Bad publicity has helped me grow so I love when being criticized because people rather channel much energy on hatred than to applaud you and I just convert the criticism to my own source of strength and energy to enable me to become a better version daily.



    ● Can you tell us about any collaborations or partnerships you have with other healthcare providers?


    For collaborations presently NO as I have tried reaching out to many but they rather love to be alone. They wish to stand alone so I let go except for a brand called KING AFFAIRS. The lady in charge is a good friend so we do discuss and share ideas.



    ● How do you incorporate modern technology into your traditional medicine practice?


    Technology has taken over everything so I have no choice than to revolve with it. Incorporating technology into alternative medicine is not an issue, it has been quite easy. Using laboratory equipment to detect issues. Having business on all social media platforms is another one and so on. If I refuse to move into the new space of technology then we would remain beneath.



    ● Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or initiatives for ANAXON WELLNESS?


    We have lots of projects at hand this year like visiting secondary schools precisely for the senior students and enlightening the girls there about the puberty stage and how to handle things regarding preventing infection as we discovered that many do not know of these things. We have a whole lot of projects. Stay glued to us, you will see them all.



    ● How do you ensure that your business operates ethically and with integrity?


    I am a man of integrity so I do not have issues on that as I am equally not religious biassed or tribalistic. Medicine is a religion and has its own language. So no matter your tribe religion or beliefs when you come to me we are one. Oneness is something I hold high.



    ● Can you share any plans for expanding your business beyond Nigeria?


    Yes, there are plans for expansion but you know how they say it when we get to that bridge we shall cross it. When it is time you will see it for yourself.



    ● What is your long-term vision for ANAXON WELLNESS?


    Long term vision is for everyone to not only accept ANAZON WELLNESS  but to accept Alternative medicine as the best form of healing. I want people to get to know that we are here to stay permanently if not taking over in the nearest future.


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