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  • Gad The Screamer - Kim Jong Un

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    Gad The Screamer, the rising star of contemporary urban and afrobeats music , has released his latest single, Kim Jong Un.

    The song, which is now available on all major streaming platforms STREAM HERE is a declaration of defiance to the ups and downs of the typical life of a young person of African descent who has decided to regard himself as someone who should be feared for just one thing: hard work, that is, real hustle. 

    The song is a smooth blend of afrobeat vocals and bold production, which allows the lyrics to take centre stage. Kim Jong Un by Gad The Screamer still retains all, if not more of the songwriter’s pen game, setting the song apart from the run-of-the-mill lyrics that a few afrobeats songs seem to be known for. Simply put, Kim Jon Un is a refreshing take on contemporary afrobeat. 

    Gad The Screamer’s voice is simple, yet present, sometimes rusty relative to what aficionados would regard as rich but still sharp enough to pass blunt messages in very subtle jabs; there is the braggadocio element that is also emotive, with a warmth that draws the listener in yet reminds you to be wary of what he might say or do next in the song. 

    The lyrics, which start with an analogy of how the gorilla thinks the monkey is ugly, help the listener infer what the younger generations experience now and then: the notion that they don’t try hard enough whereas they have weathered so much storms. The words are crafty, the message relatable and the feelings heartfelt. 

    The production on Kim Jong Un is a major brand statement too. The arrangement creates a subtle ferocious yet laid-back vibe that complements Gad The Screamer’s intended punchy delivery perfectly. 

    The production also allows for moments of musical spontaneity, such as the percussive solo after the first chorus complemented by a violin in the background and Gad The Screamer’s signature chant, which adds a touch of excitement to the song. 

    Kim Jong Un is the latest addition to Gad The Screamer’s impressive discography – over 75 songs and still counting – , which includes previous hits such as Fish, Colours 2.0, Stretchmarks, etc. With its catchy melody and infectious hook, Kim Jong Un is sure to become a fan favourite


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