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  • MEKASON SUPERMARKET CEO, Ezugwu Nnaemeka James, Shares Inspiring Story of Her Business

  •  Blessed Mekason Supermarket is making waves in Nsukka with its wide selection of products, quality service, and convenience. In this interview, the owner of the supermarket discusses the inspiration behind expanding the business to include a supermarket and the products and services that they offer. Additionally, the owner highlights what sets Blessed Mekason Supermarket apart from other supermarkets in the area and how they ensure the best possible shopping experience for their customers. The interview also covers topics such as plans for expansion and growth, staying current with the latest trends in the retail industry, and balancing personal life and business.




    ● What inspired you to expand your business to include a supermarket?


    What inspired me was the fact that people had to travel as far as 45 mins just to get the basic needs and also the risk of travelling that far just to get these needs was what became an inspiration for the MEKASON SUPERMARKET.


    ● Do you believe in Enugu forever doing business or do you intend to move to Lagos soon? 


    No, we don't believe in being in Enugu forever doing business. Well, all I can say is nothing is impossible as we look where God is directing us to move towards expansion. We would expand but right now we can’t decide yet on the locations.


    ● Are you amongst those people who believe in traveling out for greener pastures?


    I believe greener pastures are everywhere, it’s one’s choice, ability to see and seize.


    ● How do you manage your personal life and business?


    It’s not easy balancing both even when scheduled but where there is time to work, there is also time to relax and take care of oneself. So definitely all things are scheduled to fit the personal life and business.


    ● Can you tell us about the products and services that your supermarket offers?


    MEKASON SUPERMARKET offers a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of the customers.


    Here are some of the products and services we offer;


    ■ Grocery items: Mekason supermarket stock a vast selection of food and beverage products which include dairy products (milk, yoghurt), canned goods, beverages, bread, bakery items, cereals, snacks, spices, condiments and more.


    ■ Household essentials: These include cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, paper products(toilet paper, paper towels), personal care items (shampoo, soaps, toothpaste), baby care products(diapers, baby food) and pet supplies.


    ■ Beverages: Apart from the basic beverages of water, juice and soda. Mekason supermarket offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, can beers, wines, spirits, coffees, energy drinks and soft drinks.


    ■ Snacks and confectionery: Our supermarket stocks various snacks, candies, chocolates, cookies, chips, nuts and other indulgent treats.


    ■ Health and beauty: Beauty and personal care which include cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, roll-on, skincare items, etc


    ■ Mekason supermarkets also offer services like door-to-door delivery, and online orders (stay in your home and order what you want from your comfort and it would be delivered to you).

    These are but a few of our products and services.



    ● What sets Blessed MEKASON SUPERMARKET apart from other supermarkets in the area?


    ■ Product selection: Mekason supermarket is consistent in the variety and quality of the products we stock


    ■ Pricing and promotions: Our product prices are competitive, and we also offer discounts, loyalty programs, and gift cards to our customers.


    ■ Store layout and atmosphere: Mekason supermarkets have an appealing and well-organized store layout, clean and well-organized aisles, wide aisles for easy navigation, and a pleasant shopping atmosphere that can enhance the overall experience for customers.


    ■Customer service: we offer excellent customer service which includes friendly and knowledgeable staff, efficient checkout processes, and assistance for customers.



    ● How do you ensure that your customers receive the best possible shopping experience?


    By providing excellent customer service, maintaining a clean and organized store, offering a wide selection of products, ensuring product availability, offering competitive pricing, providing a convenient shopping experience, listening to customer feedback, creating a pleasant shopping atmosphere, training staff to upsell, and showing appreciation for customers.



    ● Can you tell us about any special programs or initiatives that your supermarket offers, such as loyalty programs or discount days?


    Mekason supermarkets have discount cards for their customers though T&C apply. We also reward our loyal customers who have been consistent in their patronage.



    ● How do you source your products and ensure their quality?


    Mekason Supermarket sources and ensures the quality of products through a combination of careful supplier selection, quality control measures and effective supply chain management.



    ● Can you tell us about any notable partnerships or collaborations that your supermarket has been involved in?





    ● How do you stay current with the latest trends and developments in the retail industry?


    We conduct regular market research to identify consumer preferences and emerging trends. We also gather online analytics (data on customer demographics, buying patterns and preferences).




    ● Can you tell us about any plans for expansion or growth for Blessed Mekason Supermarket in the future?


    Mekason supermarket recently expanded this year and we sure are looking forward to more expansions not just in Nsukka but in other states and environs.




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