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  • Moji Alawiye - Healing Live (EP)
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    Healing Live by Moji Alawiye Just a little after the pandemic, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "I will breathe life over you; I will take away sickness from your land and communities. I will be healthy to your flesh and strength to your bones. The healing impact will be so much like there was never a pandemic". All God asks of us is, "LET MY PEOPLE PRAISE ME, LET ALL MY PEOPLE PRAISE ME". Psalm 67 says it all. We asked for Mercy, and God asked for Praise.

    So, as we gathered in the ultra-modern facility of Jogor Centre, Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria, for Worship Experience Live 2021, (in obedience to Him), we saw the spirit of the Lord breathing over everyone in the room bringing healing to individual life, and by extension to our families and communities.

    Today, I am honoured to present the experience to you through this album: Healing, a worship experience live EP.

    It is a Healing season for everyone that will engage with this. The Spirit of the Lord will breathe over you. ZOE, the very life of God will envelop you, Dunamis, the raw power of God will overshadow you and only miracles, signs and wonders shall be your experience as you engage with this album.

    This worship Experience live album of 8 tracks is now available on all digital platforms worldwide. Healing Live, Jehovah, Yoruba/ Igbo Medley (Oke Rere) , So Good To Me, Ko Se Ni, Africa Rejoice, Shout Halleluyah. Each track is uniquely different but all motivate you to Praise and declare the miraculous power of God thereby fulfilling the purpose of bringing healing to your life, family, communities and of course your Nation.

    God will be health to your flesh and strength to your bones Proverbs 3:8

    God will take sickness away from you Exodus 23:25-28

    God is healing us; He is healing our land and the Nations in Jesus name. Amen.

    Pastor Moji Alawiye (PMA) 

    Buy and Stream HERE

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